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just bought a run

Posted by mogs (mogs), 29 January 2004
ive just bought a run from a guy to add on to me own...
expanding  Grin Undecided ..
ive addedabout 25% on to the prices tht he was charging, i think he was greatly under charging. most so far of the customers are happy for a new face as he was not very reliable others have cancelled as they think its to dear. ive only realy brought the prices inline with my existing run. there is a few ive had to double tho, cant wait to see there reaction!!!lol.. do u guys think im doing the right thing??
it realy dont bother me tht much tht i loose a few as if found tht there prob customers u dont realy want.. 1 even had the cheek to say to me wot over heads do u have other than water & a clothe   Angry
was goin to leave it a few months b4 i put the prices up but then when i think bout it those customers tht rnt happy now prob wuda been the same in a few months.. wud i be right?
wud like to hear from anyone else tht has been in this situation?
wud like to here all veiws

thanks lads on all ur advice previously..
been doin this window cleaning for just 2 yrs now & most days i like it, sum days i'd even go as far as to say i love the job (summer tht is) tho the cold dont bother me tht much!! my 2 guys r wrapped up like god help the poor critters, not used to the cold.   Wink
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 29 January 2004
Get the prices up! I`ve been in the same situation and didn`t raise prices to what they should have been and ended up regretting it.  If you think about it too much you may end up changing your mind.
   Overheads  Angry.  You don`t have to justify your price.

Posted by mogs (mogs), 29 January 2004
i near found myself justifying the price then caught meself on... the git had those old georgen windows to.. bout 12 panes in each frame. lucky i didnt charge him per pane of glass. tht wuda gave him a heeart attack. now when thinkin bout it i Grin
yeah bugger the ones tht dont wana pay the proper price   Cool
Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 30 January 2004
Over heads?Not that we should need to justify prices but sometimes I just like to come back at them with the following points:
                        1. Insurance - If you want a cowboy
                            thats up to you.
                        2. I always use good gear and do a
                            1st rate job. You get wot u pay for.
                        3.  I pay my way Tax, Ni etc.
                        4. When you work for yourself who pays
                            for your holidays or if you are off sick?
                        5.  What about the weather this week?
                             We have to cover bad weather as
                             best we can. Do they want you to
                             come when its raining or snowing?
                             I bet they don't!
  Try to add up all the hours or days you loose through the year and then multiply that by what your average hourly rate is - it will shock you. Be fair with your customers but be firm when it comes to prices. Most people will be fine but you always get the odd one.
I put one up years ago and the old witch said 'Why are you putting it up? - You've only got two children!!'
Needless to say I totally uncoiled on her!.... She paid.
Good luck, go for it.

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