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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.

starting a new business in norfolk looking for adv

Posted by tangy (tangy), 17 March 2004
hi there guys and good evening, after being made redundant twice, i have finally decided to follow in my late fathers footsteps and become a window cleaner, my main area of searching for advice is where to buy the correct products at the right prices in the norfolk area.

but here's the biggy and please do not laugh here in norfolk we get our fair share of rain what and how do you professional guys get round this ,if anybody can give some constructive advice to a newbie i would be very grateful.

i can design flyers with ease so thats not going to be a problem and i have spent all my working life in direct sales so customer liasing should be fine.

its the little things which make up the most of the business i need to know about. anyway please get in touch at
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 17 March 2004

I was just like you a few months ago. Good bit of advice have a good look through all the froum threads as they really did help me. Your find so much information its great. Also dont worry about asking a silly question as we where all new once.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 17 March 2004
Hi Tangy

Welcome to the forum.  As Justin says, there are a lot of threads that you might find useful in this section.

Justin, you are making me jealous with that big "24" banner.  I was so looking forward to the third series, then silly old sky bought it.  (which I dont have)

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 17 March 2004
Yeah "24" is such a good programe, i love it. Got me double DVD box set with season 1 and 2, which was great, and now season 3 is here even better. I get the new 24 set over from USA on ep 15 atm while UK is on 4 or 5 it's wicked Wink
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 17 March 2004
depends where you are in norfolk for suppliers. basicly if you are in norwich forget it, hannants are too dear and dont have very good gear, hugh crane has only unger at full price. your best bet is the window cleaning center in ipswich even by mail order its cheaper that anyone here. if you look in past posts you will find starter lists of tools needed. or contact me and i will help you out
Posted by riz (riz), 17 March 2004
hi mate,
As everyone elase says, look at the threads.
For supplies i would reccomend "soap" ( 01473 89 00 80) they are dirt cheap, quality stuff, polite and next day for 4. they'll send a brochure. well worth using!!


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