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Posted by jmj (jmj), 25 February 2004
sorry i put question on the wrong link. if any help please check buy & sell to respond
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 25 February 2004

Not knowing what the other cleaner has done is a problem - the stain may now be set. Make the lad aware of the implications and possible out come before proceeding.

The best approach under the circumstances is to first give the stain a fresh-water rinse to remove any residue from previouse attempts. In similar circumstances I have done this and had the stain come strait out !

Assuming you are not this lucky, treat with Chemspec Juice & Dye spotter, agitate gently, allow 5 minute dwell then blot. If you get colour transfer but stain is still evident, repeat proceedure.

Rinse thoroughly.

If required, treat with Chemspec Spray'N'Go.

If you do not have Chemspec J&D you could substitute  Prochem B175.

I would not simply use Red RX since, if the stain has been treated with high pH products it is unlikely to work and the last thing you wish to do is to heat-set the stain if this has not already occurred.

Posted by mark_roberts (mark_roberts), 26 February 2004

Would you use this procedure for dye off crepe paper which was around a bunch of flowers which fell unto the carpet and left a red stain.

I used Spray and go and red rx  with heat but only 50% improvement.  Customer had attempted to clean before me and its a 100% wool carpet, cream colour.

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 26 February 2004

If you reduced the dye stain by 50% after the customer has thrown all sorts at it you may well have done as much as possible.

After useing RedRx with heat very little will have much effect anyway - about the only thing that is likely to have much effect at all is Spay'N'Go. The active ingredient of this product is sodium metabisulphite, which is an effective reagent but it does need time to work - ideally 6+ hours.

If I read your post correctly, the S&G was the first product used, in which case it almost certainly  had insufficient time to complete the reaction, so a further application may improve the stain.

Remember to warn the customer of the lingering odour, the fact that crystals may be visible after drying and that since you will not be present to monitor the results, you cannot guarantee that there will not be an effect on the fibre dye.

Posted by jmj (jmj), 26 February 2004
Thanks for the reply.As yet still waiting for the customer to get back to me.As you said you have to let the customer Know that we're not miracle workers , but you've got to be honest and upfront.How many cleaners do you think emphasis this point??

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