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I need a push!! (Starting up)

Posted by Bones (Bones), 15 September 2003
Hello "nice" people (hint hint). I am a new member and 90% decided to give up my (£20,000) factory job i've had for 13 years to start window cleaning and would like to hear any encouragement from people in the know.

i'm married, two young children, mortgage and all the bits that go with it. I work in a factory 12hr continental shifts which include 20 weekends a year and most bank holidays. A friend of the family asked if i would help him out window cleaning one day as he had got behind. I agreed and from the moment i got the hang of it i loved it!! and thought what the hell am i working crappy hours for when i could be doing this (as there is not many cleaners in our area). My friend has offered me a list of 50 addresses he can't keep to regulary as he has just took to much on, and told me of areas where he knows households require a cleaner (which is very kind of him).

Now,.... i have my inlaws, parents all on my back running on to me about my pension, holiday pay, sick pay, i won't earn as much, my kids, etc, the list goes on!! Ultimatley i know the decision is my own, but i would be very gratefull of any positive or negative responses from people in the know, and that is you.

Many thanks for any replies.  Smiley
Posted by wazzastud (wazzastud), 15 September 2003
Hi there

This is the first day of the rest of your life, you have just entered a trade that is well what i think has got to be one of the most cash rich, enjoyable businesses i can think of, i gave up a 30K sales job to do this and i love it, o and i am now on track to earn £72K* this year with just me working, but i guess you get out what you are willing to put in, some window cleaners are happy with 60 quid a day, but the more ambitious amongst us are eager to earn lots more than that,and the very good news for you my friend is that it is plentiful, more work out there than anyone can handle but i have a plan for that up my sleeve  Wink i mean at the end of the day why earn a living when you can earn a fortune?....some people fail to realise that if you keep on doing what youve always done then you will always get what youve always got.......anyway feller, all i can say is well bloody done for breaking away from that J.O.B or what some of us ambitious types call a Just Over Broke
Welcome to the land of the free..........

* Comment added by Forum Admin Jan 10 2004:
Although we appreciate contributions from everyone it should be noted that a great number of other members have questioned the figures quoted by Warren Shenton. Please make sure you read the entire thread to get a balanced view!

Posted by sham33 (sham33), 15 September 2003
I would say be carefull with the commitments u have. Maybe canvass an area to test the water, its not always easy to pick up new customers and takes time.

When i started 10 years ago i was lucky, i was single with no kids and was on the dole at the time with nothing to lose. I managed to find a good area with no other window cleaners and picked up 150+ customers in the first year.

Also maybe claims of 70k a year that u might have read on this forum have got u excited but i would take these claims with a pinch of salt. If u earned £100 a day u would be doing very well, but u would need a lot of customers to earn that everyday.

Posted by Bones (Bones), 15 September 2003
Hi, thanks for the input so far! As sham said about seeing posts of 72k on this forum, i have seen it, but it's of no intrest to me as all i want to earn is approximatley the same as i am on now (£20,000) or maybe slightly less!! I don't lead a high life style, all i need is to keep my family and keep them happy!!. My friend who i go and help as i mentioned in my first post is so eager for me to start on myself he is willing to give up his own time and go canvassing for me as he knows all the areas where people need a cleaner. And it is this what is pushing me, another cleaner is willing to give me time from his family life and own cleaning business to help me start and hopefully succeed.
Sham, you also mention trying out some canvassing,... I have already decided (with the help of my friend) to go door knocking and canvass 6 areas locally. We are going to do this next week when i have printed myself some flyers out.

Thanks for the input so far, please keep posting your thoughts, i am eager to hear what you "PRO'S" have to say, Many Thanks! Smiley
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 September 2003
I think you should be able to match what you are doing at the moment after a short time but i would still perhaps start part time for a while and see what you earn.

Good Luck  Cheesy

Steve Lowe
Posted by wazzastud (wazzastud), 15 September 2003
Hi again
its actualy between £32 - £48 an hour working 6 hours a day.....5 days a week.......50 weeks a year...that will produce earnings of 48K - 72K a year is that so far fetched?...thats only 4-6 houses an hour..the key for me is being able to get enough work and i guess that is why i am doing so well because i am bloody good at door canvessing I am generating between £50 and £75 an hour in new bussiness ....let me just set the record strait here, I have a direct sales and marketing background (Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.......Done it for 8 years, This involved canvessing for appointments door to door every single day, so I guess i am speaking with some authority on the matter when it comes to door canvessing.......I am right now 15 Sept 03 doing what i am preaching, i mean i can see it from your point of view, it must be hard to believe that someone can achive this when all you want is to earn 20K a year We in sales call that a comfort zone, it suits some but not the ambitious amongst us....alass very few and far between....a few years ago they where saying the 4 minuite mile was an impossible task but it took one to take the lead and show that it could be done, now nearly enybody can do it, or is that an exageration too?
My mate is a window cleaner also, drives an old reck of a moter and dresses like compo from last of the summer wine, he couldnt believ my canvessing success till he come with me and saw with his own eyes.......then i listened 2 him canvessing, no wonder you are all sceptical if thats what you are doing on the door........i guess its the norm to be rejected and be under the illusion that there isnt enough work out there for you to make propper can earn 20K a year working for Mccdonalds......Would you like fries with that sir?

Have a nice day fellers
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 15 September 2003
Seems u have a 50 customer head start i would probably go for it. Your Defently match your current earnings in the end im sure of that.

Do a good job and your get repeat business every 4 weeks, virtually all my customers windows are cleaned on a once every 4 weeks basis, even in winter time.

I will agree that the fastest and most direct way to get new customers is to go cold calling (I dont look like Compo) Also i find if im working in a small close etc i get a lot of success knocking on doors as im working, have a business card handy.  Cool
Posted by Bones (Bones), 15 September 2003
Thanks again people.

Firstly, Wazzastud, I am in no way doubting your success and I have read your posts over the last few days and wish you all the luck (it sounds you don't need it  Cheesy), but in reality, why would I myself need to think about earning those figures when there is still so much for me to learn about the trade itself! At present I'm told by someone who does cleaning for a living that I do a good enough job helping him that he thinks i am competent enough to start myself. So,.. maybe in a few years when I feel I know the in's and out's of the trade i'd consider wanting to earn more. At the moment all I want to do is leave my scum of a job and make enough to keep my family in the stlye they are accustomed to at present. I am in no way dissing you and welcome your comments, to be honest, I just nedd to hear from people what the pro's and con's are and if it's worth it.

Secondly, Sham, you say your customers are every 4 weeks even in the winter time. What I would like to know is, what if it's raining or snowing? do you still go cleaning windows?? It's just that the guy i help won't go out in the rain, but he tells me that it is totally up to me if I do. So, when do you call it a day in not cleaning windows? or do you carry on regardless??

I am very thankfull to you all for these replies!!!  Grin
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 September 2003
Wazzastud. I think what people are finding hard to believe is not how much work you can get as most of us can get more work than we could possibly do. I personally question the fact that someone can do 4-6 £8.00 houses consistently for six hours a day consistently all week? When was the last time you earned that in a week? Also you may well have a sales background and so have i but thats got nothing to do with doing the work just getting it.

Steve Lowe
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 September 2003
Bones. In the winter time and rain etc i tend to carry on in the drizzle but stop if it really rains as most customers dont like it.

Good luck!

Steve Lowe
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 15 September 2003
yeah i work in light drizzle. If its raining hard i dont clean windows its simply a case of catching up. Normally i leave Saturdays spare for catching up with any work.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 September 2003
My Dad who does window cleaning in Manchester says that some of the lads around his way carry on when they are using poles but i dont know how good they come out Huh

Steve Lowe
Posted by Bones (Bones), 15 September 2003
Hey guys, I am touched by the replies and how helpful you are being!! Thanks, keep them coming!! I'm 95% certain now! ha ha.

Once again, Thanks  Grin
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 15 September 2003
pensions can be done private, holiday pay well we all miss that but still manage to get away once and awhile. sick pay from what i remeber it was not worth the agro for a couple of days of sick. there is a sickness and injury insurance avialable. take it easy learn your trade and as you speed up pick up more customers. dont fall for false claims all the help you will need is here and for free
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 16 September 2003
Good on you bones good luck give it a go what you got to lose, 2 important things to get is life cover for piece of mind to the family and your Insurances Public liability and accident cover these are so important. I new of a lad years ago, in his twenty’s on high rise and in a chair kicked him self out and fell out of his chair and died poor sod.
Insurances piece of mind more then anything but well worth it.
Good luck too you.  

Posted by Bones (Bones), 16 September 2003
Thanks Shinny, in fact thanks to you all!! the more i read the more convinced i am to take the plunge, and it's funny really, i feel more positive and it's give me more confidence for when i go canvassing!! but then, i am an odd sentimental sod  Grin

On a serious note you have all made me feel welcome and I now know that if my mate cannot help me with a problem i know a group of chaps who will!!  Wink

Cheers mates!
Posted by Bones (Bones), 16 September 2003
Looking back, maybe i should have called this topic


ha ha
Posted by Bones (Bones), 17 September 2003
Thanks to all people who have replied to this topic, it generated more replies then i would have thought.

The news is,.... I'm going to go for it!!

Thanks again to all!  Grin
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 17 September 2003
Good Luck! Cheesy

Steve Lowe
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 17 September 2003
good luck mate
remeber all the help you need is here.

Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 17 September 2003
Wink Good Luck Bones! just remember,when your out
there on your own,when the good times roll!always beware,because the bad ones can be round the corner,in any way shape and fashion!trust me I know what I am talking about!

after some 27 years I think I should its been hard work!for me in every way..I give a rabbits foot to you!!go forth and graft!
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 17 September 2003
Unless you have 3 months income in a savings account to live off whilst you're picking up work, the best way might be to buy a small concern, someone who is giving up or a window cleaner who has too much work.  Deposit down, pay back over a period whilst you are earning.  You will find the more people you work for, the more people will hear of you. Ask window cleaners, check newspapers, business brokers, and THE FED!! 0161 432 8754.

Don't just burn your bridges, take a calculated risk and make those mortgage payments.
Posted by Bones (Bones), 17 September 2003
Who is and what is  THE_FED_MAN  Undecided  Grin
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 17 September 2003
Think of him as your Guardian Angel Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones), 22 September 2003
GrinThanks Guy's!!! Grin You helped me make the move into the grafting world of window cleaning  Cheesy

I thought i would leave this post just to let you know where my 1st day of canvassing got meHuh??.

My friend who I have told you about in this post gave up his day to help me canvass the areas he knows need a cleaner (what a star!). I went to the houses biz cards in hand and laden with my new shiney tools (i'll be glad when they look a bit worn!!), and offered my services and if they wanted to hire me as such I wiuld there and then clean the front windows there and then free of charge. I had a great response and my friend done me proud also.
I ended up at the end of the day with 28 homes to do!  Grin Grin Grin Grin My friend also picked up 17 for me last week  to go with the 50+ he has already offered me. So, I'll be canvassing like **** for the rest of the week!!!!

So thanks again guy's!!!!! I know where i can get all the help I need Grin
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 22 September 2003
Nice one Bones Cheesy Its great when you first do your canvassing unsure of whether your doing the right thing but then comming back with a pile of work Grin

Steve Lowe
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 22 September 2003
At that rate u will have your £20.000 a year covered in a week  Roll Eyes
Posted by Bones (Bones), 22 September 2003
Thanks guys, but I must admit I've had a good helping hand from my mate and I have got loads and loads of info from this forum, I owe alot to this and you guys and may I buy you all a "virtual cyber" drink ha ha Grin What's ya medicine guy's!! Grin

oh yeah, Sham,.. I'm on the club from my present employment at the moment  Shhh Wink So I got my first couple of months covered for my pay, haha Grin
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 23 September 2003
i`ll have a pint of gg4 please bones.good luck and get well soon(hee hee).    gerry
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 23 September 2003
Hi Guys
Doesn't this particular topic make the whole site worthwhile?
I agree entirely with Bones' strategy for getting new customers by giving them their first clean for free. You have to give before you get - which is something all the members on this topic seem to have done!
A word of caution, however, it is easier to get new customers when you've just started in business because you get so enthusiastic and because each one is so valuable. The key to success is to continue to treat each customer as though they are the single most important one. A lot of businesses take their customers for granted and, over time, they start to neglect them without realising it.
Maybe Bones has given us a valuable lesson without realising it!

Posted by Craig_Wilson (Craig_Wilson), 23 September 2003
Hi Bones,
It's so funny reading over your post as it's a very similar situation to which I was in myself.I too was working continental shifts and hating every moment of it,like yourself a friend of mine gave me 40 houses to start off with which I originally did on my 4 days off.Over a period of six months through word of mouth mostly and a little canvassing I now have over 200 customers.Last week I rapped my job in to concentrate on the windows full time.Already I'm earning the same as I was in my factory job and I'm pretty sure that over the next few months I'll be earning a lot more than what I was previously.Go for it and good luck to you.
Posted by Bones (Bones), 23 September 2003
Thanks Guys! I can't say how much this site gives me the urge to get on and do my best!! I now feel a free and indipendant person (my own boss) and I feel great. I know hard times will come,... but I'll put a bit away for a "rainy day"  Wink.

Had another good day canvassing and got asked to do some other cleaning work which i do not know how to price so i'll post that in the cleaning issues section.

Another good thing i love is, all the different types of characters you meet! from the old boy who tells of his courting days to the nice blonde bit round the corner  Wink Grin

Cheers guys!
Posted by Bones (Bones), 4 October 2003
Hey guy's!! Just an update, the work is piling in and everything is going ahead of plan  Undecided ......  Grin

Big thanx to shinner (Alan), You've gave me a lot of help and ideas and i'm very thankfull!  Grin

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 10 October 2003
Hi Bones,
             Business still building ok Huh

Posted by fez (fez), 11 October 2003
I've just read this topic for the first time this morning and it's really good to read about the exploits of someone starting out!

Good luck Bones! (Although I'm sure you don't need it).
Posted by Bones (Bones), 11 October 2003
Hey Guy's! thanks for still showing intrest in this topic Shocked

Things are going better than expected here. I did'nt realise the other odd jobs you can fit in with the window cleaning. Like cleaning facias and gutters and things. I done a facia the other week, the nieghbour asked if i could do thiers, she's passed the word about and now i got hell and all facias to do!! Grin

But one thing,  "I'M KNACKERED"!! (but's it's bloody worth it)  Grin

Big thanks again guy's!!
Posted by fez (fez), 11 October 2003
How are you pricing for your facias and gutter clearances?

I tend to go by the size of the house but I sort of make it up as I go along - no formula Undecided.
Posted by Bones (Winda Kleena Previously Bones), 11 October 2003
Hi Fez, Pricing?? well I don't know if i'm doing it right as the few people i have done it for so far are well happy with the price  Shocked

What i'm doing at the moment is:

Facias: £7.50    a side for Standard size Bungalows.
           £10.50  a side for Standard 3 Bed Houses.
If they want the gutters just wiped while i'm up there I'll chuck another £2.50 on for Bungalows and £4.00 for houses.            
Bigger Houses/Bungalows I sort of add a bit of an hourly rate to it eg. if it gonna take an hour longer i'll chuck another £15 on give or take a a couple of quid.

Digging out and cleaning a gutter i don't know yet as i have not been asked to do one, except off her indoors so i'll probably do that and work on how i do that?? Huh

Hope this helps you, but i know in different parts of the country you can ask a bit more or maybe you'd have to ask a bit less. I thought i lived in a bit of a "tight" town but from the feedback so far it sounds like i'm doin myself out of a bit extra??

Posted by scottrobinson (scottrobinson), 16 October 2003
Do it mate
                i started by accident like you 8 years ago,
hated my current job and thought sod it im going to end up in an early grave either through stress or i was going to get locked up for what i could of ended up doing to my then bosses!

the following day i went out with pad and paper knocking on doors,i couldnt beleive the amount of work i generated in just four hours,250 quids worth which i completed the nxt day!

From then on it snowballed,yeah i was lucky the area hadnt been covered and was ripe for picking,even in areas where there are a lot of windowcleaners ther is always enough work to go round,just go,do the leg work,get you face known it doesnt take long.

You are never going to get well working for some one else,making moneys easy, theres no tricks, i found a big smile and a positive attitude move mountains mate,a few carefully placed twigs and the fire will roar in no time.

go for it mate!

good luck   Scott    
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 17 October 2003
Thanks Scott, It's all systems go now and no turning back, Just can't wait to give the manager my little envelope with my notice  Grin Grin Grin Grin

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 17 October 2003
Hi Mikey,
            In a few years time you wont even consider working for someone else again Grin

Good luck to you!

Steve Lowe
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 17 October 2003
I'm sure I'll feel like that next year mate! cheers for your support,.... all of you!!  Wink Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 18 October 2003
GrinYIPEE Grin I have just typed out my notice letter for my works! Grin so guy's i'm due back in the morn at 6am  Embarassed but wil be home again by 6.30  Grin Grin so by the time you all get up tomoro I will have joined you guy's in the world of SELF EMPLOYMENT! Huh Wink Grin

Bit of a pantz post i know, but I just wanted to give you an update  Grin

Posted by Craig_Wilson (Craig_Wilson), 19 October 2003
Ha Ha,
Walking into work with that wee envelope's a great feeling,like I said earlier I packed my job in too,About a month ago now and I've never felt happier. Grin Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 19 October 2003
Cheers Craig, It makes me feel more confident in my decision when I see posts by other people who had been in the same position and succeeded.

Ha ha, i'm also handing another months sick note in to cover me till today so i can work my months notice on holiday! Grin (And get another months wages outta them)  Wink Grin
Posted by Craig_Wilson (Craig_Wilson), 19 October 2003
Ha Ha,
I was off for twelve weeks with a sore back.Take them for every penny. Grin Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 19 October 2003
Ooops! looks like i opened a can of worms when I jacked in this morning! Shocked

I had union rep after me wanting me to say that the shifts have affected my health! Undecided and I want my redundancy or i will take them to a tribunial? Undecided Undecided Huh

oh dear, now i'm a bit confused :- Huh ha ha

But still feel on top of the world now I'll be my own boss!! Grin Grin Grin Grin
Posted by andy (andy), 19 October 2003
Oh well bones!

Dont worry to much, whats the most they can do?
You'll be glad when its all over with!

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 27 November 2003
Hi Bones

I handed my notice in 10 months ago to start window cleaning, and a couple of months later my wife did the same and we now work together.

We don't miss working in a stressful office one bit.  Even on the cold days.  

Ok, it may not be the most glamourous job in the world, but what other (legal) job pays £20 an hour where you can be your own boss?

One word of caution - be careful not to price too cheaply.  Thats a common mistake!

The Silly One

Posted by Bones (Bones), 28 November 2003
Hi Guy's  Grin Grin

Well what can I say, thing's are going great here!! Work is coming in from all over the place!!!

But the one thing i enjoy more than anything is the feeling of being your own boss!! It's Bludy Great!!

Posted by AndyO (AndyO), 28 November 2003
Sounds good Bones, hope I'll be able to say the same soon.

I've been reading my way through the threads on here and have just ordered my first lot of cleaning gear ready to start up on a part-time basis.

Posted by Bones (Bones), 21 December 2003
Hello Lad's! Grin

Just a quickie to say thanks for all your support in the last few months, it's totally change my way of life and i'm a damn site happier  Grin Grin Grin

So Happy Crimbo to you all and your families and a happy and properous New Year to you all Cool Cool

Special thanks to Steve and Alan, Cheers guyz  Wink Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones), 26 December 2003
Thought you'd find this pretty funny,....

Postie delivered a letter on Xmas eve and it had my old works place stamp on it, Huh?? i thoughtHuh opened it and it was an invitation for an interview for higher postion!!! Roll Eyes Roll Eyes best thing is, i applied for this position 5 years ago!!!!! Roll Eyes Huh Roll Eyes


Thinking of turning up just for a laugh Wink Grin
Posted by (, 2 January 2004
Bones & Andy hows it going now?
I've been going nearly 10 years now but gave up for 18 months to get a job that paid sick and holidays, trouble is you dont really see the benefit of that when you have to do the daily grind. So after 18 months of being treated crap for doing a good job I went back to the windows and since returning just over 2 years ago I have managed to create much better work. I am always coming across people who say they are earning this and that but I just laugh. I just earn enough to keep me and the family happy which is just under 25 thou a year and I look at it that you end up with a lot more time on your hands for the more important things in life. To add to the windows it may be an idea to get a few office cleaning contracts which is what I did and its great cause on them really wet days you just dont have to worry bout earnings.
Anyhow let us all know how things are going.
Posted by Bones (Bones), 2 January 2004

Things going from strength to strength!! Just a few Commercial offers i'm a bit lost with but i have a couple of goods lads from this forum i've been buggin for help,  Wink.

Bloody cold day today and nobody offered me a cuppa  Cry, went hell for leather too, but a lady caught me on my last house and asked if i could fit her in so i did and she made me a cuppa!! and the appreciation i got from her made the day!!

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 4 January 2004
I think that most of us have bad days , when you get cheesed off someone just says the wright  thing and you feel ok.  Wink Cool
Posted by AndyO (AndyO), 8 January 2004
First day of canvassing today. Not outstanding results, but it's a start. After the first few doors, it doesn't feel as bad. Should be interesting to see if I get any response from the leaflets I put through doors of those not at home!

I was going to start mid December, but thought I'd wait until after Christmas/New Year as people are less likely to be distracted by festive headaches.
Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 8 January 2004
Im in the same boat as you I am seriously thinking about going by myself at the moment employed to clean windows and what made me consider going alone was went to clean a house the other day and the woman gave me £20 I told her to mail it to the boss and I said to myself national minimum wage for me £20 an hr for him Huh
Posted by matt (matt), 9 January 2004
only way to work, is for yourself, you start when you want, finish when you want, and earn all you earn Smiley

of course, the grand plan of things is to emply people, so they earn it for you  Grin Grin Grin
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 9 January 2004
Hey Matty,

You hit the nail on the head mate

Posted by poleman (poleman), 10 January 2004
get inside work for when it rains


fed member
Posted by garry (garry), 27 January 2004
well there i was working as a postman six days a week getting up at 4.15am for eleven years for £220 per week take home what a waste of life hated every moment of it. got 3 kids mortage but i thought sod it i hate my job was i right old git at home so i left royal mail to start up window cleaning took me 3 months to match my po earnings work coming in all the time this year will double my po earnings much happier now.
 i say to anyone if u hate your job leave it but dont take eleven years like i did otherwise your end up a sad old git like i once was.
everyone will tell you not to do it they will say things like there are to many window cleaners round here
or you wont get enough work dont listen to them. Smiley
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 27 January 2004
Hi Garry,

Welcome to the world of the free!

It didn't have to be window cleaning, you've just had your wake-up call that working for a boss is a waste of your time and talents. Especially being a wage roll number in a massive operation like the Post Office.

But what happens when you've grown enough to need an employee? Then you'll be a boss yourself! I'll leave you to answer that one all by yourself.

Congratulations chum, and I hope to see lots more of you on these boards.

All the best, have fun, and don't forget that "Freedom Moment" when your overalls are soaked up to the knees, you're a couple of days behind with the work, and one of the boys is off on holiday (paid!). Ain't it great!!
Posted by Bones (Bones), 27 January 2004
on 01/27/04 at 16:15:24, garry wrote:
well there i was working as a postman six days a week getting up at 4.15am for eleven years for £220 per week take home what a waste of life hated every moment of it. got 3 kids mortage but i thought sod it i hate my job was i right old git at home so i left royal mail to start up window cleaning took me 3 months to match my po earnings work coming in all the time this year will double my po earnings much happier now.
 i say to anyone if u hate your job leave it but dont take eleven years like i did otherwise your end up a sad old git like i once was.
everyone will tell you not to do it they will say things like there are to many window cleaners round here
or you wont get enough work dont listen to them. Smiley

This rings some bells in my head! Roll Eyes

Too many cleaners, won't match my wage?? well the family is beggining to eat their words now and I'm laughing Grin Grin

Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 21 March 2004
Hi Guy's

Just thought I'd put the link to my web site up  Grin see what you think

Posted by Willy (Willy), 22 March 2004
Mickey, I am just starting out and find this site very interesting and informative.
But I have got to say your site is the BEST I have seen. A lot of thought and detail has obviously went into it, and I love the guy on the ladder with the different  site "links" coming off it. (sorry is that you?)
If you ever get enough of climbing ladders then I think you have a future in a different type of Windows.

Excellent!   I've added it to my Favourites.
A very difficult act to follow! You don't need good luck when you have an approach like this, so instead I will wish you My Best Regards for future success!
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 22 March 2004
the finished site is excelent. good luck mickey
Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 22 March 2004
on 03/22/04 at 00:59:52, Willy wrote:
I love the guy on the ladder with the different  site "links" coming off it. (sorry is that you?)
If you ever get enough of climbing ladders then I think you have a future in a different type of Windows.

Cheers guy's,

Yes Willy it is me, I had my site built for me by a guy across the road from me They took pictures of me then made the Caricature  Grin I laugh everytime i look at it  Grin They don't work from templates so you know your web page is going to be original.

Posted by Willy (Willy), 22 March 2004
Sorry MIKEY, I called you Mickey in my last post (it was late!)
Its fantasic what hes done, thats another site I have made a note of.
I have to be honest and say I'm dying to ask how much it cost, but at whatever price,  it was money well spent!
Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 22 March 2004

The best thing is to email them and Steve will phone you back, nice genuine guy.


Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 22 March 2004

Just to agree with everyone else - what an excellent site!

I know you were probably on a "Buddy's Price", but I think your neighbour might have a few more window cleaners as clients quite soon.

How long ago was it you started this thread - 6 months? - and look at you now Grin showing up the Cheshire Cat. What an advert for window cleaner's forums, eh?

More power to your elbow, mate - fantastic progress.

All the best - Davie
Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 22 March 2004
Cheers Waivie,

Power to my elbow??, it's my shoulder!! can't move it in the morning when i wake up  Roll Eyes

Buddies Price? well i do his windows Grin but he's been good to me since i started, he designed the layout of logo, his mrs got my magnetic signs, who could ask for more Grin

But since the start of this thread i've had the up's and down's, the worrying and the happines you name it. I will admit still loads of work to do and probably more worrying but i can say i have never thought for one minute i wish i'd stayed in full time employment Grin Grin

Posted by Neil (wylie), 23 March 2004
Well-said Mikey,
I think you and I started about the same time didnt we?
It has been hard work these last few months but the rewards make it worthwhile.
Working outside again has taken the most getting used to (5 years sat in an office staring at a pc all day) but I now find I dont feel the cold like I used to and I have not had a single cold all winter, (I used to get at least 3)
I can easily earn the same money I did in my last job but in less hours.
My business is getting quite big now, I would think that if things continue to grow at the same rate I will have to soon start considering which direction to go. i.e. WFP, STAFF or STAY AS I AM.
Not bad in six months.
I always new this job had potential but I have been surprised at the possibilities.

Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 23 March 2004

Ain't life great  Wink

Posted by gleamteamni (gleamteamni), 27 March 2004
I'm a new starter to the internet but  in the same position as you 3 years ago, I don't regret making the right decision to go to window cleaning.  Wish u all the best of luck.

(Gleam Team)

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