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Hours I can work at the moment.

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 2 November 2003

I hope you gentleman can advise me , i am start CC in the next month or so,  at the moment i do not have a machine hopefully next two weeks.

The company I work for at the minute has just told me they need for something major for the next few months this will mean that i can't really do days at the moment, i have tons of holiday accrued (60 days) and I thought this could be a could transistion between what i do now before i give my notice.

Is it realistic that after advertising , I can make bookings in the evenings say 6.00 -800 a job a night. I really want to start buliding my experiance a soon as possible.

Do you find customers will do this , I thought i would say i am full in the days.

Thanks gents

Posted by jimmy (jimmy), 2 November 2003
Hi Alex mate

If you can get up and running before christmas, you'll find that people will only be too greatful to find a carpet cleaner and you could come at anytime. But as you will probably be advised on this site it is always best to use natural light and the owner of the house might only have a 40 watt bulb for light (eg is it a shadow or a stain?) At the end of the day you want to get as much work in before christmas and get some money in your pocket because after christmas all businesses not just carpet cleaning tend to be very quiet. Have you ever thought about just going on the sick and cleaning some carpets? If you are going into the carpet cleaning business you will have to put on a big pair of boots and trample everyone down anyway to be successful in business. Best of luck.


P.S. Make sure you get a machine with some heat. I have fell in love with my Extracta Excel and scrubber
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 2 November 2003
If you do the right marketing before christmas to me there is little difference in work load, most of my letting agents are telling me now that there clients are moving out in the beginning of January so there is plenty of work around Grin
Posted by poolking (poolking), 3 November 2003
the other problem with jobs at that time of day at this time of year is drying times if you are using a wet/dry extraction system .
customers , especially the ones with the white/cream carpets won't appreciate being told to keep off their carpets for a couple of hours when they want to watch eastenders !! . my last job is always booked for 4-30 , regardless of the time of year- this might well be something to bear in mind.

why not try and start doing weekends if that is possible for you with your home life .. Grin
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 3 November 2003
Working in the winter evenings with artificial lighting is asking for expensive call backs... not the ideal situation.

Prior to Christmas people will be grateful of weekend working but do remember that all the family will be at home which can sometimes be a nuisance

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 4 November 2003
Thanks chaps for the replies.

I take your point about the light , never occurred to me that ,  Grinsuppose I could take a 100watt bulb with me. Grin

At least you are not telling me i have my head is totally in the clouds. I will certainly work weekends, as I say, I must build my experiance if im going be good.

Many thanks

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 5 November 2003
Hi Alex

It is ironic that you mention taking a 1000 watt could purchase one of the Hallogen lamps which provide sufficient light.
They can be great for providing good working light when cleaning furniture on dark evenings.
I know a few other cleaners who do this regularly and they are relatively cheap to buy.


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