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Problems with a distinct lack of knowledge

Posted by Will_Bibbey (Will_Bibbey), 9 February 2004
Hello All,
Just registered and have been reading all the prevoius posts on the board - Very useful and interesting. Hopefully you will have some ideas and pointers on the following.

I am looking to get started with a cleaning company but currently know nothing about cleaning. The target market will be commercial and industrial businesses, so not domestic.

I need to grasp the fundamentals of cleaning methods, chemicals and machinery required for each type of situation, but do not know where to look first. Sure I could spend hours reading info that isn't very relevant and learn little. To avoid this, does anyone have any suggestions on the best resource(s), books, training courses, or anything else that you think will help me at this early stage of learning. Any advicce would be much appreciated.

Posted by p_and_j_cleaning (p_and_j_cleaning), 9 February 2004
My partner and i worked for a company for 6 months, a few hours a night and learnt what the customer expected and what products to use.
This also gave us a few quid extra to put into the business and a good knowledge of the trade.
Check in your local paper theres always companys advertising (around Oxford at least).
Its the best way to learn the trade, give it a go you will also find out if its the right job for you, its not for everyone.
Posted by April_Fresh (April_Fresh), 9 February 2004
Hi Will
The best places to go for the info you need is:
Which is the British Institute of Cleaning Science for cleaning standards.
Cleaning and Research International
They have courses on evaluation, specification writing and lots of specialised books on the subject.

Hope this helps Smiley

Posted by DP (DP), 9 February 2004
try here for books
Posted by Will_Bibbey (Will_Bibbey), 11 February 2004

Ask and thee shall receive!!!!!!! Or something like that....

Brilliant advice and feedback on my previous post guys, thanks for that. Pointers were exactly what I was after. I am making progress up the mountain but can't see the peak at the moment!

Is anyone a member of RICS? - Have had a look at the site, is it worth the cost?? Would be interested to know if anyone has views and experiences either way on this.

On training is there a particular course through Rics, Or CRI or A.N. other that anyone has done and would strongly recommend? Ie stood out from other courses on offer / v good value for cost. Would be helpful to know some feedback, particulalry any that you thought were a waste of time, so I know which ones to avoid!!

I think I'll parachute down when I reach the top, that way I can enjoy the view.  Wink

Cheers for the support Grin


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