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bargain bidders

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 13 December 2003
i can realy see the use of a forum like this for newcomers to the trade. its a pity that some new people round my way dont use it.
its silly season at the minute i have a window cleaner round here targeting business's and quoting the most stupid prices i have seen. one place i do takes me 2 and a half hours ( at my pace which is damn quick as i know the place backwards after doing it for 6 years) they came in with a quote for 25. it would take some one new the best part of a day. i charge 55. which i think is cheap for the size of the place, 40 bedrooms and restaraunt. dont it make me look like a robbing ba****d. told thew customer straight for that money you aint going to get much except let down, as no one can support a business on that price and once you change from me you cant change back. sorry folks for my saturday morning rant
Posted by Neil (wylie), 13 December 2003
I fully understand what you are saying gibbouk however I can also see the other guys problem. As a newbie myself I know how hard it can be to judge how long a job is going to take (although in the case you mentioned I think the bloke will regret his price coz even your price sounds like a good deal)
Have you ever said to a new customer "the job will cost X but if I find it takes longer than expected I may be forced to put the price up a bit?

Posted by shinebright (shinebright), 13 December 2003
Move on if you lose it. I have found that if your customer leaves you for a cheaper quote, they aren't worth having.

You need to increase the price in my opinion. I price jobs at 20ph domestic and 40ph commercial and I am in the tightest part of the country, West Yorkshire. The difficulty sometimes is the dividing line between commercial and domestic. The small guest house or nursing home as opposed to larger premises. From your comments, I would want 100 for that job. If you lose it just chase up some new work at better rates.

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