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Is this the new way to advertise???

Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 11 February 2004

Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 11 February 2004
Bet he gets no bids
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 11 February 2004
Fair play I think it's a rubbish services he's offering at that price but all the best to him.

Right, I'm off to ebay to sell my soul to the devil.
Posted by Les (Les), 11 February 2004
Interesting  Undecided
At the prices shown, he's wellcome to the work. Shocked
And what a bold statement to make..."you won't get it any cheaper"!!!!!!!
How do they know that as the bidding hasn't finished yet Huh
Looks like someone might be short of decent work to me Grin
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 11 February 2004
They have been doing this ad on ebay for weeks , I have not seen anyone bid yet.
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 11 February 2004
I notice on ebay that the seller has changed his user ID 3 times.

Sounds a tad dodgy to me

Posted by Les (Les), 11 February 2004
OOOhhh the 'Little Devil' !!
Oh no that's you isn't it  Grin

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