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Equipment and price advice

Posted by CE_Services (CE_Services), 21 March 2004
I'm looking to purchase a carpet and upholstery cleaner for interior of static holiday caravans - any advice?
Also pricing advice would be appreciated.
Posted by mark_roberts (mark_roberts), 22 March 2004
Seeing 68 people have read this and not replyed, I'll answer it.

Theres many types, size, power levels out there.  Might be better to look at your budget first.

The problem with static caravans is that they don't have sufficient power to run a cleaning machine, from my experience, so you'll need a 240 volt power source, either generator or really long extension lead.

Water source may be a problem so get the biggest tanks as possible.

Heated water will definately be a problem so get a machine with a heater, preferbly (sp) an in-line type.

Get no less than 100psi pump and 2x3 stage vacuums.  Anything less is useless.

Also budget for 50ft of hose as you'll probably not be able to bring the machine into the caravan, tools for upholstery and carpet ( a normal carpet wand may be too big for the small area of carpet), sprayers for pre-spray, chemicals etc etc.

Also get trained as upholstery cleaning is the more difficult and problematic compared to carpet cleaning.

I reckon 3500- 4000 will get you going BUT you'll also be able to clean more than just caravans and this is where the money is.

All the best
Mark Roberts
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 22 March 2004
most statics have a full power supply and are plumbed in for water, really the are like little houses Wink

if your only doing this part-time I'd buy a Prochem Steameasy 400 cost about 1500

I've always found that caravan firms used hard wearing  man-made carpets and dralon, so no real probloms cleaning them.

a bit of training would'nt go amiss.


the reason so many people read but don't answer is because often the answer can be found by using the search function, and people get sick of giving the same old advise Grin
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 22 March 2004
I'd also make enquiries about the amount of power available to each van. You may find that it will power your machine of, say 3kw, or your heater of 3kw, but not both. It may even be less than 13 amps available, in which case you could be tripping switches or blowing fuses.

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 22 March 2004
Yes, the power supply in caravan parks can be a problem sometimes, always better to make sure before you start. Do you intend to do caravans only?.
I think a good quality portable should suit you fine, Ninja or Extracta or Alltec, something like that plus all the various bits and pieces.
Posted by Lee_Pettengell (Lee_Pettengell), 22 March 2004
The Steemeasy 400 has been discontinued, I recommend either a Steempro Powerflo or Powermax.
Posted by allencarpetclean (Bob Allen), 22 March 2004
A couple of large water proof dust sheets might come in handy as alot of the cushons might be detachable and you could clean them outside (weather permitting).
I also keep a couple of empty 25 litre drums which can be filled with hot water at home, saves you waiting around for water to heat unless you have a inline heater.
Good upholstery tool a must as most will be cleaned by hand.  
Posted by CE_Services (CE_Services), 23 March 2004
Thanks all, for a while I felt left out!! Roll Eyes
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 23 March 2004
I find a 6 or 8" stair wand best for caravan carpets - not enough elbow room for a full-sized wand and quicker than a 4" hand tool.

Bobs' advice about the waterproof sheets is good, in fact if I were to be doing a large number of caravans I would probably go one stage further and get one of those small igloo tents with built-in groundsheets if only
if only to have somewhere weatherproof to stack cleaned cushions to dry.


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