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WFP Hydrophobic/Philic coatings

Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 10 January 2004
In reply to Mike Boxall and group. This topic is in the realms of a science  look up the meanings only in the Full Oxford and medical dictionaries. Pilkingtons supply pristine glass without coatings to the Double glazing industry who then clean and and make double glazed units the installers finally often but not always clean the glass with industrial petroleum/silicon compounds which coat the glass with a "wax/varnish" forever. These coatings which are also applied by householders in the form of windelene etc are the source of many of our problems they create friction squeegee drag  and prevent the glass "sheeting" water, causing it to bead, concentrating  liquid dirt "spots".When I was helping Peter F develop his system we spent many hours trying to solve the "problem."
There are a few DG firms that do not have any coatings and generally older glass has none.
If water sprayed or wiped on with an applicator  to glass and forms droplets instead of sheeting then you have a coating. I am trying to get everyone to do away with last century polishes and embrace the new century microfibre cloths. The coating problems should be taken onboard at an international level by the Doubleglazing industry thro our own organizations.
There also appear to be two types of coatings but maybe that should go into part 2 of this topic if there is the interest.
Jeff Brimble
Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 10 January 2004
I have been demonstrating The Reach & Wash System for years, and have experienced Hydrophobic glass a couple of times. It didnt seem to make that much difference how many times you cleaned it or wether the water was hot or cold.
The results were spotty in direct sun light, we got a better result when it was raining but not an a1 result.

What we have learnt though is that hot water will remove airline fuel off windows on flight paths.

I once did a demonstration where the windows had been sprayed with a chemical to detract spiders and bugs from nesting on the frames that took hot water to clean that off.


Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 10 January 2004
Reuben,  have noticed that cleaned coated glass will show spots from "clean" rain !! Now if we could convince the customer that it was their problem because they have the coating we would be half way there but customers generally believe that it is the rain that makes the windows dirty. the coatings go deep into the pitts of the glass and are impossible to remove.
I wouldnt want to be living/working under a flight path.
Maybe petroleum products/aviation fuel has a "wax" that the hot H20 may remove - will have to heat some RO up ,but I think I may already have tried it.
Thanks for the honest reply

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