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How'd you do in the Begining?

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 14 October 2003
This post is for everyone.

How did you find this business in the begining? how did it take off and how fast?

What made you start in this business?

what did you find the toughest?

What did you first start in i.e. carpet, domestic, etc

just curious?


Martin Cool
Posted by woodman (woodman), 14 October 2003
Hi Martin

October, 10 years ago  I did 693.00  Embarassed for the month

my records don't go back any further but I know that when i very first started I did, some weeks, a mighty 75.00. that would have been Lounge/diner plus HSL special offer at 25.00 total 3 jobs a week.

And do you know only last month I saw an ad in the paper for the same at 45.00 so I must have been well over charging back then Grin

Posted by petra (petra), 14 October 2003
Well I started 2 years ago, the reason I started on my own was, previouse business partner was ripping me off (no suprise there). I find it tougher now, as everyone wants me , for one thing or another and when you do both  commercial and domestic work it can all get a bit too much. My first eve job was commercial, only entered domestic to drum up more trade, but now I want to concentrate on the commercial side as things are getting busy.
But the hardest part is role changing from business woman to mum....
Roll Eyes
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 16 October 2003
2 years ago but profesjonaly as AtoZ Clean 4 months ago.
We do domestic cleaning,PC cleaning , and deep cleaning( end /start of tenancy etc.)

So fare is going ok ( i'm not talking about staff any more Shocked)

This week 3 clients for one off ( 150 ich =450) plus 3 new for domestic 7.5*3 ich.

So my crap English is ok Grin Grin Grin
AtoZ Clean

Regards all
p.s. i put 6800 flayers in previus week Tongue Tongue

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