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Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 1 March 2004
Hi all,can anyone help me out.I am just starting out (just had all gear delivered)and have picked up a few customers.I didn't think about bookwork at first but its now dawning on me?
My wife is sorting the accounts side of things but I would appreciate any advise on the day to day paperwork,ie.keeping a log of work done and work to do etc.I do have George but I still want it on paper in case of computer probs.

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 1 March 2004
Well if you have george the only easiest way of doing it its to print of an invoice for every customer.If you do commercial window cleaning you will have to do this anyway to macth their invoice when they make payment.
Or you could use export on george and transfer over to a data sheet.And the best way for day to day work is to get your self a pda then you dont need paperwork at all you just hotsync from george.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 1 March 2004
I use a speadsheet with 8 weeks work planned out for commercial and a word doc with 16 weeks for domestic.

I update the computer every week but have a hard copy at all times.

If you use this system you always have a back up and you only need 1 piece of paper when you are out working.
Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 1 March 2004
Thanks guys.

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