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Brushes For Pure Water Window Cleaning

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 6 February 2004
Can anyone reccomend a good brush for pure water window cleaning?
I`ve been using the 10 inch  Winspray brush but find because of the densness
of the bristle content there`s no `give` or `splay` on the glass surface.
The Ionic or O.T.T. residential brush I find is just the opposite.There`s
`give` on the glass but less bristle content for shifting and suspending the
soilage etc.I am using  Unger poles and sometimes Ettore plastic angle
adaptors in my set up so any brush really has to be compatible with that
arrangement.Comments and advice much appreciated.

Lewis Doubtfire,Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 6 February 2004
Check out Tuckers double trim brush, I think Ionics have a similar one.
Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 29 March 2004 just changed to bms brodex vikan transport brush with stainless steel feed they cost around 150 each with delivery but the brush is really excellent although the replacement cost is 29 for the brush the stainless has a lifetime guarantee you have to araldite it on to the end of pole and it is slightly heavier than an ionics one but doesn't fall apart like theirs Shocked

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