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Terms of trading

Posted by Tam1967 (Tam1967), 4 April 2004
Q.  Do any members of this group issue their customers with a printed copy of their terms/rules of trading? Huh

A.   Yes,  Grin  then any chance of a copy.

A.   No,  Sad any chance of the group posting serious thoughts on what they would put in a terms of trading agreement. These responses could help put together a terms of trading agreement that we could all use. Smiley


Posted by replacement (Justin R), 4 April 2004
Terms for window cleaning?

Only Term i have is 14 days.

Never happen it would be like saying you could only ever buy your food shopping from Tesco, and how silly would that be. Yeah Tesco would love it so would the rest of the big boys they would never lose customers again.

Now i would love too but i dont really think some customer would read it the sign it what if 2 months down the road i was crap or they where a pain and i dint want to clean there windows? so many things you would need to cover it really anit worth the hassles.

I take it you brought this topic up as your scared of losing customers, now if you do a good job you will not lose them, plus the ones you do lose here and there you bound to pick up more.


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