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How Much Would you Charge for These Houses?

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
This idea started on the other board, but I think it merited its own topic:

We often get people asking how to price houses, so here's a chance to help.  

Have a look at these houses, and tell us how much you would charge for them.  Also, let us know where in the UK you are.


House 1  .     .     .     .     .     .      .      .      House 2

House 3    .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .    .  House 4

House 5

          House 6                     House 7                 House 8

Lets assume there are no conservatories, the work is monthly, and access to all of the windows is possible.

At the end of it, I'll do a little average for each area of the UK, and we'll hopefully end up with a definitive price guide.

To get us started, I'll tell you how we would price them for BRISTOL

House 1 : £9.00
House 2 : £13.00
House 3 : £12.00
House 4 : £15.00
House 5 : £10.00
House 6 : £25.00
House 7 : £18.00
House 8 : £14.00

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
VGC (Plymouth) Writes:

We charge about half that
anymore and we would be told to get stuffed!!!

Whats the secret of getting at that price  

because if i went around at those prices i would get much work
ok i know the work i would have would be worth more but i still dont think it would be enogh to warrent a months woth>

house 5 is what i would agree with though
and maybe house 1
and 6, 7 , and 8

so i suppose im not that much different

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
FEZ (Yorkshire) Writes

Wow! Nice test!

Here we go (prices off the top of my head if there were no conservatories at the rear).

No 1  £8
No 2  £9
No 3  £9
No 4  £8.50
No 5  £9
No 6  £20 - 22
No 7  £20
No 8  £15

I may have priced too cheaply but I probably do anyway.

Posted by sham33 (sham33), 26 February 2004
does that include the dorma windows?
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
If you'd normally be able to do them, yes.

House 5 has an awkward looking one, we'd probably miss that and not adjust the price.
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 26 February 2004
Ok, prices not including dormas  Grin would be..

1 £7

2 £12

3 £8

4 £8

5 £10

6 £20

7 £15

8 £13

I'll be trying to put my prices up this year but thats a honest price list for what i would charge now.

I live in the south east. (Kent)
Posted by simonb (simonb), 26 February 2004
If this was 'Another forum' there might be a prize in it LOL
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 26 February 2004

Like most folk here, you use more than one board. Like most folk here, you use them to gain information and use other folk's experience. Like most folk here, you don't mind giving the benefit of your knowledge to others. That's what these boards are all about.

At present, I'm helping/giving something back to this board, but contribute to many. I don't care who runs them, I'm just glad the facilities are there.

I also used to be on a board which had nothing to do with window cleaning, but there was a split from it and the end result was two ruined boards.

This board is rather obviously sponsored by Express Cleaning Supplies - they maybe think they've done enough by setting up the boards - and I can't see other suppliers wishing to donate goods to be given away under the auspices of Express - would you?

I'm fully supportive of Cleaningpros, but talk of the "other" board/forum is divisive, I've seen good boards ruined by this sort of stuff and don't want it to happen to any boards I value.

Let's just nip it in the bud please.

All the best,

(not in moderator mode, just as a user)
Posted by Rick (Rick), 26 February 2004
you get £12 for cleaning that?! seems very expensive. though maybe there are more windows at the back *faint*

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
What would you charge for these houses Rick (and where is that)?

Remember there will be notable regional variations.  I'd be interested to know what a Londonner would charge for these too,  anyone?

Posted by magpie (magpie), 26 February 2004
I am only planning to start up in this business at present. Please forgive my ignorance but do you require special tools to reach the following windows:

House 2   Top windows
House 3   Top right window
House 5   Top left window

These look very difficult to reach?

Also what does Dorma mean?

Posted by Rick (Rick), 26 February 2004
on 02/26/04 at 18:12:29, Philip Hanson wrote:
What would you charge for these houses Rick (and where is that)?

i dunno. i don't really do any house like that. mine are all 2 up-2 down terraced. i guess that would be around £4-5 in the machester/lancashire area. i mean, how long does it take you to clean that house, 10-15 mins? that would mean you could earn at least £48 an hour, £336 a day, £1680 a week. if you worked about 7 hours a day, 5 days a week!

Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 26 February 2004
Rural N.Wales town pop.5000 dorms by wfp, assume 1 patio to rear.
1   7
2  8.8
3  7.5
4  9.5
5  10
6  21
7  15.5
8  14
   £93.3 total
   £11.66 Average  
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 26 February 2004
Dorma windows are the window that extend from the roof. I never clean them.
Posted by brownie (brownie), 26 February 2004
my word,i cannot belive some of the prices that you lot quoted.
where am i going wrong? no wonder i drive round in a crappy car. Theres no way my custumers would pay that to have their windows cleaned up here in chorley.lancs
i was going to put my prices on ,but i dont think i will now cause im a bit embarrassed......underpaid and overworked obviously.

might start getting tougher and put prices up.i must stop being a soft touch.

cheesed off now,  brownie.

p.s.....sorry about the language.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 26 February 2004
Please, don't anyone be embarassed about whatever they charge.  This is a learning exercise, nobody is boasting.  We'll do a little tally up at the end, and perhaps any new work you get you can feel a bit more justified in pricing highly.

Remember, the cost of living is vastly different at one end of the country to another.  This affects the prices of everything.

House 2   Top windows
House 3   Top right window
House 5   Top left window

These look very difficult to reach?

Maybe not as difficult as it would seem, House 2 and 3 could probably be reached easily enough with a ladder (Perhaps set up to land above the window, rather than on the sill)  House 5 I would probably not do.

how long does it take you to clean that house, 10-15 mins?
(house 3)

Probably more like 20-25 minutes > about £28 per hour.  Perhaps £12 is a bit much there, maybe £10 instead.

This is going really well, anyone not yet contributed?  What are you waiting for!

Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 27 February 2004
How would you access the 1st floor windows on house 2? Would you just steepen the angle?

There are a lot of houses with windows set back on the roof slope by about a metre or 2 up here. How do you get them? extension pole? eg far left window house 5.

I wouldn't bother with the last 3 as the wee windows would be too much of a pane!!
I reckon I would be half of all the prices that you quoted Phillip
Posted by WINDYCLEANER (WINDYCLEANER), 27 February 2004
great topic
I live in Humberside

1   £5
2   £8
3   £6
4   £6
5   £8

i wouldn't do the other house's way to high for me ...i don't like heights
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 27 February 2004
How would you access the 1st floor windows on house 2? Would you just steepen the angle?

That one's not too bad, I'd probably set the ladders so that the top end leaned above the window and then lean across.  If the tiles were in good shape and not slippery, it might even be possible to step onto that little roof and grip the window sill, though it looks just too steep for that.
eg far left window house 5
I'd probably miss that one

i wouldn't do the other house's way to high for me ...i don't like heights

Hi Windycleaner, you'd definately need 3 section ladders for these, then they would be easy enough.  We have some that look exactly like House 7.  More and more houses have 3 storeys nowadays, as land gets scarce, building companies know its cheaper to build UPWARDS.

I wouldn't bother with the last 3 as the wee windows would be too much of a pane!!

Yes, I don't think these are actually Georgian.  Most new houses have uPVC criss-crossess inbetween the panes of glass (to give a georgian "effect") but as outside is just one sheet of glass, you can do the whole window in one go.  To me this looks like its that type.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 27 February 2004
There's a big difference in pricing any house wherever u are in the country example:
1.They ask you in the street
2. U have been reccomended
3. U canvass

If they ask u in the street a £10 house could be £11

If you get a recco u could charge £12

If u canvass u have to be competitive so a £10 house might be £8 or£9

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 27 February 2004
Here goes again as my 1st one on the other post never got copied over..

What i do is charge for the size of the glass starting from 50p per bay too 75p per bay.. I always charge £1 for patio doors.

House 2

So on house 2 the windows to the right would be 75p and the one on the right 50p so the totall cost for house 2 would be £5.75 and ill round that up too £6. We get all windows as well with WTP so none get missed plus the frames get done which customers love. Tongue

I hope you get the idea i am near Maldon in Essex

It would be great to charge some of them prices but i can see ill lose alot of customers.


Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 27 February 2004
Ever so sorry Justin, my mistake!

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 27 February 2004
No worries Wink
Posted by steve-mark (steve-mark), 27 February 2004
House 1 £6.60
House 2 £6.60
House 3 £9.30
House 4 £10.50
House 5 £ 7.00
House 6 £12.50
House 7 £10.00
House 8 £11.00

Tone Clean Taunton.
Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 28 February 2004
In this area this is what you'd get MAX

1. £7
2. £8
3. £7
4. £7
5. £10
6. £20
7. £15
8. £12.50

Phil, on house 4 you say £15 Where abouts are you?? I live in one of these type houses and have a load down my own street and get £7 (standard house) I'd be told where to go if i wanted more for it.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 28 February 2004
Hi Mikey,

We're in Bristol.  Jeff Brimble made an intersting point by saying what the population of the place was.  I think that as a general rule, the bigger the town/city the higher the price.

We actually have several houses that look exactly like that, and yes we charge £15.00.  (some we charge £12, but that's because we got them first.  Any new ones would also be £15) It does depend on the area though.

(Remember as soon as you click "reply" the whole thread appears under the reply box, so you'll be able to see the houses we're talking about)

Posted by seanc (seanc), 28 February 2004
how nice window cleaners are the only cleaners that share prices well done a well desereved pat on the back  Grin
i am new to windows just an add on to the cleaning i do i am located in Hampshire and this is what i would charge please bear in mind i am new and trying to get customer base even at these prices the clients are unsure untill i have finished then they all seem pleased at the prices the long term cleaners have put down i would not have the chance to show them how clean the windows could be they would just turn me down on the spot.
i also leave the roof windows as it would be to dangerous to attempt them with the ladders i am using at the moment

house 1 £ 5.00
house 2 £ 5.00
house 3 £ 5.00
house 4 £ 5.00
house 5 £ 6.00
house 6 £12.00
house 7 £ 6.00
house 8 £ 6.00
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 28 February 2004
Houses 6-8. Are the windows Georgian. I.e. seperate panes of glass?

1 - £5.50
2 - £8
3 - £6
4 - £8
5 - £8.50
6 - £38                          £20
7 - £24                          £15
8 - £22                          £14

I would also like to see how the person looks, their choice of clothes and their car etc. This can influence my pricing. I am also assuming I already have at least one job in the street.
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 28 February 2004
I cleaned a house last week and it cost £200.00 lead glass in and out another takes 25 mins with wfp all lead £30.00 none of our customers have evr complained about the charge sometimes we get it wrong sometimes right but would never worry about the price i quote.Being insured and with the fed,uniformed and with nice van it doeas a lot weve been going since last may and are now looking to employee two more people and another van with another wfp so we must be doing something right.
Posted by p_and_j_cleaning (p_and_j_cleaning), 28 February 2004
My prices in Fairford glos


georgian=£3.00 extra per house
this also depends on the area, if out of Fairford + £1.00
Posted by heritage (heritage lee), 28 February 2004
hi all. Here goes  from hemel hempstard in herts

1   £7
2  £12
3  £10-12
4  £10
5  £16
6  £25
7  £18
8  £20

from lee

Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 28 February 2004
My go

Plymouth Devon

Assuming no cons at back
If there are cons at back then an extra £2.00




6.....£10.00  NO ROOF WINDOW ..IF SO THEN £10.EXTRA
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 29 February 2004

House 6,7 and 8 look like fake Georgian to me.  The type that has the plastic criss-crosses in between the panes of glass, so you can just do it all in one go like a normal window.  I have priced them as such.

Steve Kennedy made an interesting point about the person.  You do get a feel for what they are like when you talk to them, and whether or not they'll be prepared to pay for a good service.

Well done everyone who has contributed so far.  

(Maybe we should form an Elite Window Cleaning SET and agree on high prices.  If people want to use us pros, then they'll have to pay or else get burglar bill to do them!  Maybe the OFT might not be impressed by that!)

Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 29 February 2004
(Maybe we should form an Elite Window Cleaning SET and agree on high prices.  If people want to use us pros, then they'll have to pay or else get burglar bill to do them!  Maybe the OFT might not be impressed by that!)

We might start sounding like a protection racket. "Better get us to clean your windows or else you might get broken into. Know what I mean"!  Grin Grin Grin
Posted by matt (matt), 29 February 2004
is this just the front Huh?...i guess not with the prices

how do we tell whats at the rear, they could have 2 sets of french doors Huh??
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 1 March 2004
No, the whole house.  I know you can't know what's at the back, but assuming there's no conservatories, and its the same style all round.

Just an idea will do.  Any participation is appreciated.

Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 1 March 2004
hi guys


1..... looks like    £8./£9.
2 .....looks like    £10.
3 .....looks like    £10.
4..... looks like    £12
5..... looks like    £14
6..... looks like    £22
7..... looks like    £18
8..... looks like    £16

I'm back in the game after 3 years out so I'm building a business.
If I had a full quota of work I'd add £2.+ to all those prices !

I'm in Chelmsford - Essex


Posted by dreamclean (dreamclean), 1 March 2004
I wonder does anyone have any kind of "formula" when pricing that would apply to all of us,in other words a simple way of working out how long they take to clean.We all work at different speeds, and location plays a big part,but there must be a "Mr Average"standard system for accurate pricing we could bash out.

It has to be time taken rather than price per window surely.I travel up to Bucks for two days work a week and earn between £25 to £30+ per hour whereas down in Dover / Folkestone (though not as well established) its around £16-£20 p/h ,but we all have an idea of a "good hourly rate " for our town and once we have the " time" the £ is an easy conversion.

I do have a sort of system that works for me,1/2 a minute for every ladder placement ,tricky placements 1 minute,3 average panes =1 min,larger than average panes ie up to small patio door size 2 per 1 min,and so on.

So house 1:     2 ladder placements           1 min
                       6 panes                               2 min
                       door                                   1/2 min

                     TOTAL TIME                        3  1/2 mins

I know I'm risking ridicule ,but convinced answer lies on these lines and would appreciate input


Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 1 March 2004
Hi David (dreamclean) and welcome to the Forum.

I know I'm risking ridicule ,but convinced answer lies on these lines and would appreciate input

We don't go in for ridicule here, your views are valued.  Anyone who thinks otherwise will be swiftly dealt with!

We all work at different speeds, and location plays a big part

Quite right, its not just the location of a town, but also locations within  a town will differ.

Pricing a house is a complex task, its sometimes very difficult to tell how long it will take until you actually do it.  But your system seems to take account of most things that would take up extra time.  

I agree it would be handy to have a definitive price guide, so after a few weeks, when most people have replied to this post, I will do a tally up, and work out the averages for each area of the country.  It'll be a bit "quick & dirty" but it will enable us to compare what other pro window cleaners are charging near where we live, and any new work can be priced a little better perhaps.

After all, if we make the effort to be pros, (and many do not) we should charge more.  Double, in fact.

As you are the expert as to your system, could you give us your best guess for these 8 houses?

Thanks for your contribution.

Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 1 March 2004
working at a steady pace u should be able to clean 20 to 25 windows per hour

if the houes are close togeher you would probably 30 windows per hour and u dot have travel to the next houe in your van
Posted by doppler2k (Paul@FreshView), 1 March 2004
I'd price these up roughly as follows:

1.  £5
2.  £7 (looks uncannily like my house)
3.  £6
4.  £6
5.  £8

Last 3 not including Dormas (doubt I'd feel safe doing them & I know I wouldnt be able to persuade my wife to do them)

6.  £16
7.  £10
8.  £8

Im based in Preston, Lancs.

Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 1 March 2004
how do u work out your prices on houses philip
Posted by dreamclean (dreamclean), 2 March 2004
Thanks Phillip,
                     Here goes,

House 1                       Kent £5              Bucks£7.50
House 2                               £8.50                 £12.50
House 3                               £7.00                 £10.00
House 4                               £8.00                 £12.00
House 5                               £7.50                 £11.00
House 6 (not dormas)         £10.00                £15.00
House 7     "       "                £8.50                  £13.00
House 8                               £8.00                  £12.00

assuming 6-8 are mock georgian

Oh boy scanning some of the prices quoted I seem way to cheap -so much for science  Embarassed
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 2 March 2004
on 03/01/04 at 23:13:10, geoffreyspecht wrote:
how do u work out your prices on houses philip

Hi Geoff, I find it very difficult actually!  I've underquoted so many times, that now I'm more afraid of underquoting than of losing the job, so I always quote high, and then don't worry if I don't get it.

Nothing as precise as David (dreamclean) I try to imagine roughly how long it will take, and then give a price at £20 per hour.  Usually I have been too cautious and it takes less time than expected, so there's a little bonus, but I never reduce a price once its been agreed.

I take into account the area, person, if it seems dangerous or awkward.  If I don't want to do it, I charge a ridiculously high price and then I've lost nothing if I dont get it.

Once I gave a price, and I was looking at the house next door by accident (much bigger).  The customer said 'that's good'.  And when I came to do the correct one, found that I'd priced it at about £40ph!  Oh well, she was/is happy.  After all, I am very, very good! Wink

Paul (Freshview)!  A fellow "Husband & Wife" window cleaning team!  Welcome to the Forum.

Posted by First_Clean (First_Clean), 5 March 2004
Wink Glad to see another fellow shiner charging and getting what is definately deserved. I have been cleaning windows for 14 years and am sick and tired of window cleaners selling themselves short and cutting down our market place with silly prices. Folks, sell your reliability, insurance, trustworthiness and the price should not be a factor. What would you rather do, pay a £5 for two dodgy people with no references or company standing to be left alone at your premises or would you rather pay £10 and know the job would be done to a high standard and if any damage was to happen it would be repaired and that the people that did the job were only interested in your windows and not what lies behind them, think about it? I know what i would pay !!! Good luck to you all. Grin
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 5 March 2004
Hello Trevor, and welcome to Cleanitup.

Well, for First Clean's First Post - I'm impressed. Excellent sentiments expressed in your message, a very professional website (I'm nosey, and peeked!) AND your signature's filled in - you are the man Wink

With all these years as a window cleaner under your belt, are you a member of the Federation?

All the best, and keep the posts coming.

Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 5 March 2004
Shocked We must live in a time warp in LOUTH LINCS

I can only charge average 60p/ window

1 £5 -6
2 £8 -9
3 £6 - 7
4 £8 - 9
5 £10 - 12
6,7,8  no dormers

6 £14 - 15
7 £10 - 11
8 £10 - 11

D.Salkeld Ltd
Posted by Duke (Duke), 5 March 2004
right, here goes...

This is how we price our work at the moment...

6 £4   7 £4.50  8 £5  9 £6  10 £7  11 £7.50 12 £8.50
13 £9  14 £10  15 £10.50  16 £11.50  17 £12  18 £13
19 £13.50  20 £14.50  21 £15  22 £16  23 £16.50
24 £17.50  25 £18  26 £19  27 £19.50  28 £20  29 £21
30 £22  31 £22.50  32 £23.50  33 £24  34 £25 35 £25.50

PLUS 10% for Georgian, 20% for leaded (avoid excessive leaded lights)
Awkward access..add £1
On to this price we add £1.25 for administration fees (they get a customer charter and are guaranteed a cleaner when they are due. All lists are computer generated and updated by e-mail from the cleaners. They agree the price and are then asked for the admin fee to be paid yearly by standing order in advance...they pay the balance to the cleaner. This means the canvassers get £10 from it per signed mandate for the first year, and £5 per year for every customer that renews annually there after in perpetuum.This way a cleaner or canvasser gets an on-going royalties. On average they will get 2 per hour. This is an income of about £200 per week for 10 hours work. If they are a cleaner too....not a bad income )
We belive that one day most cleaners will operate this way, and certainly the larger companies.
Hope this may help someone out there.... Wink
Posted by riz (riz), 7 March 2004
House 1 : £9.00  
House 2 : £15.00  
House 3 : £15.00  
House 4 : £15.00  
House 5 : £17.00  
House 6 : £30.00  
House 7 : £26.00  
House 8 : £18.00

Thats Surrey prices
Posted by Nick_Purssey (Nick_Purssey), 8 March 2004
I live in Surrey too Riz, your prices are spot on!!
you have too earn that much to pay the mortgage!!!! Sad
my house is like no4 and worth about £230,000
Posted by Willy (Willy), 8 March 2004
Hi Duke,  
             please excuse my ignorance, but is the numbers beside the amounts, the number of windows the house has?

Posted by Duke (Duke), 9 March 2004
sorry, yes, it's the amount of windows.Only a rough guide of course, also depends how big they are !
Luckily, my personal round is mainly a large new estate, with nice new double glazed windows,patio doors and conservatories. (Wish I had more bungalows though)  
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 15 March 2004
Would anyone else like to put their prices on?  If we're all done, I think its about time we did a tally up to give us an average for each region in the UK.  

Posted by seanc (seanc), 3 April 2004
hows the tallt comeing on Philip looking forward to seeing it and thanks for the help on poles very much apperceated
Posted by gleamteamni (gleamteamni), 3 April 2004
House 1     £5.oo  
House2      £7.oo   ladders  need footed

Bangor, Co Down,      N Ireland.
Posted by dave0123 (dave0123), 4 April 2004
My prices around merseyside with no conserv on the backs. also these qwotes would be custmores that i have nocked and  asked if they want a window cleaner and if people had asked in street etc

nocked and asked                  came up in street

1  £5                                                             £6

2  £5                                                             £7

3  £6                                                             £7

4  £5                                                             £7

5  £7                                                             £8

6  £20                                                          £24

7  £15                                                           £17

8  £10                                                           £15

i dont no if my prices are too much or too cheap i think the 3 bedroom houses ie 12345 are about right


Posted by kevinmchugh (kevinmchugh), 10 April 2004

house 1.........8.00
"""""""7........ 15.00
"""""""8........12.00 in poole in dorset

cheers kev Grin
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 10 April 2004
Hi Kevin, and welcome to Cleanitup!

You'll meet some more folk from Dorset on here, you might even have met them already. Was it one of them who told you about this site? Let us know what sort of work you have, how long you've been going and all that type of stuff.

Nice personal text, by the way!
Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 11 April 2004
YES KEV is a very good friend he started me up when i was a young man, told him about this good forum, KEV you owe me a pint Grin



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