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Needing help finding a cleaning system

Posted by deanyoung (deanyoung), 24 September 2003
I'm trying to set up in business using an industrial/commercial cleaning machine to clean car parks,drives buildings etc.Up to now the only companies i have found that supply these type of cleaning machines have been based in the south of england (i'm based in the north east),and i have had problems going to see the systems working as i am stiil working full time until i can get the business set up.A few companies have claimed to bring the product to myself to demonstrate it but up to now have all been unreliable and have failed to keep appointments.It would be helpful if anyone knows of any reputable companies who will bring the product to myself or of any companies a bit nearer to home.Thankyou.
Posted by woodman (woodman), 25 September 2003
have you tried that hydrotech fella who keeps advertising  on here, sounds like just the thing your looking for, or is that one of the ones who didn't turn up Grin

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