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wanted a small portable extraction machine

Posted by paul_moss (paul_moss), 7 December 2003
I need another machine that is suitable for small jobs and car valeting
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 7 December 2003
Try a Karcher Puzzi, you'll get a new one for under 400.00 plus the dreaded!!
Posted by paul_moss (paul_moss), 7 December 2003
John thanks for response.
On reading some of the guys comments on the Karcher products they dont view them too highly.I have never used on and would welcome your comments.

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 8 December 2003
I bought it to use as a spotting machine, was 150.00 cheaper than a branded spotting machine and is doing for me what I bought it for.

I run a T/M so I'm not pulling it bollards off all day long!!

BOLLARDS, never could spell  Cool Cool Cool
Posted by Peter_Suddaby (Peter_Suddaby), 23 December 2003
Hi Paul, have a look at the Cleanfix TW 300.. good for all carpet cleaning and valleting.. very user freindly only problem is they last to long. They can be purchased from Cleanfix 01794511230 at around 400.
Posted by petra (petra), 29 December 2003
I Just bought a puzzi 100 for the little jobs and for car interiors, and have to say a very good machine for 350 in vat and delivery. But there is a place in wales that sell it for less. This machine managed to clean a bathroom carpet that looked black back to it original cream colour, that was with the help of Prochem exctraction pro.
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 29 December 2003
The Puzzi is a reasonable little machine and has been around for some time. You tend to find them in hire shops and they are often rebadged under different names (I'm sure the Haggerty is/was based on the Puzzi100)

The problem I find with the Puzzi is because is is a long rectangular machine, with clean and waste water at either end, it can be awkward to move about if it's not empty. The wand isn't particularly well made but overall its not a bad machine.

I'd recommend anyone looking at this size of machine also looks at the Spraymaster range which, I think, is much easier to work with. One particularly good feature is that the solution hose actually runs inside the vacuum hose as opposed to being clipped on the outside of it (which is OK until you lose the clips!). With it being an upright machine it is also easier to move around and it has a wider and much more substantial wand.

We supply both machines but I'd much rather use the Spraymaster than the Puzzi myself.

It looks like this:

and costs 316.80 plus vat

More details here:



Posted by paul_moss (paul_moss), 29 December 2003
Thanks for your advice.
I must say you senior guys are a wealth of information and take a lot of time out to give us new comers alot of your experiance.

Someting very rear these days

True  Gents

Posted by bonesboy (bonesboy), 5 January 2004
Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy


This may be a bit late but have you looked at the Stimvak Toto machine now that they are under new ownership. Contact them on 01494 791811 or email
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 6 January 2004
I have used a Stimvak Toto machine as a back up for the last 15 years and they are excellent  little machines Wink

Steve Lowe

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