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Posted by FiDe (FiDe), 25 February 2004
Hi all,

I'm just in the process of having my site created (am very lucky in as much as my partner is a developer and in my previous incarnation as an on-line ad exec I can call in lots of favours keeping the cost down), but I just wondered if any of you feel your own web sites are worthwhile and if you operate your back office / diary management systems from them?

I would love to see any links...


Posted by FiDe (FiDe), 27 February 2004
No one?  I really want to get this right and any advice would be greatly appreciated...
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 27 February 2004
I really want to get this right and any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Hi Fi

you might be better asking the same questions over there . . . an excellent resource, as I'm sure you'll find.

All the best with the website
Posted by kb58 (keith b), 28 February 2004
Hi Fide,

In my opinion as a show case and for more info about your business to show your potential customers, then yes!.
but advertising you website mostly or solely via the internet is difficult unless you have very deep pockets or are related to a director of `Google`, (I know i failed badly in another business).
basically the idea is to get your website in the top 5 or 6 positions on the search engine listing via keywords in your heading and to constantly re-apply to them. (much better to list your web address details on paper litriture and the like elsewhere)
In respect to managing you business via your website i would omit adding a email address for enquiries/bookings etc as i found it took up to much of my time (unless you have the staff to do so).
better to engage a professional telephone answering service on a as and when basis.
I hope this helps!

keith b

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