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Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 12 November 2003
I have had a couple of phone call this about putting my name on a wall planner which goes out to all council offices and large firms , plus government offices. What happens is you get a phone call from a lady with a very sexy voice asking if you would like your firms details to go on a wall planner for the year 2004. It is in aid of kids from broken homes, kids whos parents are drug users, kids who have ben abused . You get a business card size add for 150, they try to make you feel bad by saying no .Last year I agreed to have a look at one , I could not get rid of them , the add was so small if you blinked you would miss it anyway in the end I did get rid of them but be warned . If anyone calls you just let them talk and keep asking questions ,let them run up a large phone bill then say sory but I have my own charity that I support goodbye  Cool
Posted by petra (petra), 12 November 2003
I seem to have unloaded all thoses ad calls.. my line goes 'sorry would love to help, but my accountant has stopped me from spending any more money due to the stated of the company finances.' They interperate this as, your skint, but what I mean is the accounts are in a mess or get lost.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 13 November 2003
Hi John,
           I have advertised on one of these before but i would rather give 150 to a charity of my choice. I got no calls at all Embarassed

Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 13 November 2003
I got a call from a magazine who said all the businesses in the area will receive one etc.

I agreed to take a look at the magazine in mid sept. It arrived with a note saying thank you for submitting an ad for the sept you will be invoiced next month.

I hadn't even agreed. i sent them a letter telling them thanks but no thanks. It was one of those mags you see in a waiting room that nobody picks up.

Beware, some people might be intimidated and think that they had to pay.

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