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commercial contracts

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 26 October 2003
can anyone please give me a little advise on what you do for commercial contracts?
do you have verbal contrac or written taking into account ive just landed a large well known window cleaning contract.
all advise much aprieciated
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 26 October 2003
I would send him my quote for the job with how much I am going to charge him and put  that the price is valid for one year ,and ask him to confirm in writing that he has accepted my price and how long the contract is for Cool
Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 28 October 2003
i do a lot of large offices and contact work and have very few on contract. This is because a lot of facility managers wont sign them unless there is a claws in it were they can cancel the contract by giving 30 days notice. what i do is allways get somebody on site to sign a work completion form every time you clean them that way if you have to take them to court to get paid you have proof you've done the work. usually the larger companys take a lot longer to pay than small ones, even if you have them on 28 days account it might take 60 days to get paid. when you chase payment up they just usually tell you the accounts dept are prossesing your payment. But out of all my companys i clean they all have paid and i have only had to take 1 to court. (and you would'nt belive the size of that company one of the biggest fast food chains in the world).

Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
I have just been asked to supply Walmart witha quote,I only no residential work.And this seems huge at the entrance their is about 800 windows they need doing inside and out. This is in the Uk any ideas on how i price this up.Fair price wise

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