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Hourly rate for Office Cleaning

Posted by wophie (wophie), 16 January 2004
I asked a friend who works in Office management what they pay their cleaners pm and how many hours they do - and seems its around 30 Ph - just general cleaning - dusting, hoovering, toilets, bins etc. The materials are also billed seperately - The cleaners who actually do the work probably only get 5-7 ph so that leaves a humungous margin!
The office is in Surrey BTW.....Does this sound right?

Posted by petra (petra), 16 January 2004
yes for that area, but it does depend on the area.
And the company.
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 16 January 2004
The wage rate sounds about right but not the chargeable rate. 30 per hour - miles out, should be around 9-10 per hour based on approx 6 per hour wages.

Posted by wophie (wophie), 16 January 2004
Going rate for cleaners in this area never goes above 7 really.

They have a monthly bill of 1150 and the cleaning takes 2 hours per day, so looks like this company has a very healthy cut of over 21 ph b4 expenses.
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 16 January 2004
Sophie that sounds very iffy whether the 1150 is inclusive of VAT or not. Is it just 1 cleaner for 2 hours a day Monday to Friday?

Based on 70 per week wages a weekly charge of 125 to 130 would be fair. Are you sure there isn't any 'out of the usual' cleaning equipment being used, or alot of consumables being included in the charge?

If we could make the sort of margins that you're talking about I'd be a millionaire by now - and I'm not even close.
Posted by petra (petra), 16 January 2004
Totally agree musicman
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 27 January 2004
We run an office cleaning section within our cleaning company We are lucky to get 8 an hour in Devon Huh,I pay my cleaners 6 an hour so it is hardly worth doing considering the hassle you get from staff, I would give up the office cleaning if I could afford it.

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 27 January 2004
I was looking at adding the office cleaning to my list of services but I may rethink the idea.

Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 27 January 2004
Hi All
It all depends on the  type of customer that you are trying to attract.
1. Some clients or potential customers do not value cleaning they cant see the return on thier investments.

2. Some other customers just want to save money and the cleaning budget is one of the easist one to cut due to the nature of the business and other companys cut price tactics.

3. The customer in not happy with current cleaning contractor want improvment BUT is not willing to pay for  an improved service.
I stay in fife Prices range from 12.50 To 7.00.

So that tells the story
Best to give Customer satisfaction with a good profit for your own company than have a customer that pays you for your own job!
Posted by Les (Les), 27 January 2004
Hot Potato this pricing lark !
Another consideration of course is your own cost of overheads and living.
We try to be fair and do a good job for our customers. Sometimes the jobs that only take 1/2 hr pay a better hourly rate than thos that take 2 hours, (confused yet)? Huh
e.g. one job we do can be done well in about 1/2 hr and we charge 12.50 i.e. 25 per hr whereas another takes approx 2 hours, (dirty bug**rs) and pays equivalent of 17.50 per hr.
Still not likely to become a tax exile Cry
Boss of another local cleaning company drives well smart M5 Beemer and has own holiday home in Portugal  Cry Cry
Posted by petra (petra), 28 January 2004
One one job we charge 14 per hour , on some it's 12 per hour, it just depends on what needs doing and the amount of chemicals.

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