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Most expensive accident?

Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 30 January 2004
About 17years ago I managed to drop a 3 1/2 mtr ladder through a front door that happened to have a presservation order on it!! Total cost for the glass was
706.05 including VAT. Customer was so glad to learn I was insured as his last window cleaner wasn't. I was glad too!Thats my best or should I say worst. Can anyone top that?
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 30 January 2004
WinkBrings back memories WinkI had years ago to window cleaners with me,they only been with me couple of days Undecided we were working at the Rentokil top head office
in east grinstead,Mr Sir Clive Thompsons office Huh
the window cleaner had stood up on the rad,it was febuary the heating just coming on, Shockedhe took the rad off
the wall, Shockeddirty black goo every where all over the off white carpet Huh Shocked Tongueat that moment Huhin walks the man himself Huhby this time the water was now 1 inch
deep in places ShockedI said good morning,he said o dear Shocked

well this went on for some time utill it got sorted Huh

my Insurance had run out by just a couple of days Huh Cry
1000 later out of my pocket it came CryI have to say I did not lose the contract,as MR Thompson and myself
had to wipe our mouths Winkand get on with it Wink

so sir Clive,you will remember me very well Wink
who would have thought I went on to become the fastest window cleaner,now you know I run out the place as fast as I could Shocked Roll Eyes Cheesy Tonguethats why I am fast Grin

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