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im trying to find the best place to buy in 25lts

Posted by arc_cleaning (arc_cleaning), 1 October 2003
i do contract in s/yorkshire and wanting to buy cleaning fluids in 25lts drums can anybody point me in the right direction plz
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 2 October 2003
What sort of products do you need in 25 litres? The main reason that they are hard to get is because it's so hard to dispense them from 25 ltr drums but let me know what you want and I'll help if I can
Posted by arc_cleaning (arc_cleaning), 2 October 2003
hi mike thanks for responce stevet put a post in general under "cleaning chemicals direct from manufactors" i took him up on it but never got anything back.right back to 25 lts drums i want to tap em and rack em anything like detergents,disinfectants,milti surface,hardfloor cleaners,emulsion polish. usual stuff i do contract cleaning i have 3 contracts doing offices 1 sports centre 1 night club 3 pubs all 12 month contracts buying in 5 lts is not very cost affective buying in bulk will save me time and money thanks arc.
                                ps (must have coshh data sheets)
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 13 October 2003

We can supply cleaning products up to 220 ltrs. Al certificated. What do you need?

Mail me at with you enquiry.

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleaning Company Ltd

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