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Spot Chewing Gum Cleaners

Posted by KEsmail (KEsmail), 10 October 2003
From our research work we have developed a natural solution, which can be directly applied to chewing gum on cloths, carpets, sofas, curtains etc. The solution softens the gum in 1-3 min, which can then be scapped off. There are no staining or chemical issues as it is water based and can be washed or wiped.
Does any one have any experience of removing chewing gums. Where could we market this solution and what would be the best approach to making it widely available?
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 13 October 2003

We are the UK distributors for Waterless Car Cleaning products. Your product seems interesting.

We are in the position with our International distribution to market products if they are efficient & relatively unique.

If you are interested in talking further, contact me at

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleaning Company Ltd.

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