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Posted by discostoo (discostoo), 19 August 2003
ok, big problems here, my dog peed on my new carpet and i took a blue wet rag to it, smudging the blue on the carpet, but cleaning the pee, and frizzing up the carpet in one spot. WHAT DO I DOHuh! i cant remove the blue stain!! and the frizzyness!! PLEASE EMAIL ME

Posted by Derek (Derek), 19 August 2003
Sounds like the carpet is permanently damaged through the abrasive action...the dye stain may take some removing but the process may also remove colour from the carpet.

I suggest that you have two options:-

1. Claim on your insurance if you have cover.

2. Get a good fitter to section the area, that is cut out  the damaged area and replace with a spare piece of carpet if you have any around

I have just thought of a third option if the first two do not apply... buy an area rug!.  This is not meant to be flippant I am simply trying to find an acceptable solution

Posted by bjc27 (bjc27), 19 August 2003
Try using a carpet cleaning product - lots of good ones around and rub in gently with an upholstery sponge to remove stain, etc - should also clear odour!

Also a good wire bristle hand brush should help to even out the frizz.

If you still have problems - try getting hold of a cleaning product called G101 - it is bloody brill!  It cleans virtually all stains - off everything - and is not damaging - I have sprayed in my eyes by accident and it didn't even cause a sting.

Good luck

Posted by discostoo (discostoo), 20 August 2003
alright thank you ill try   Undecided hope it works thanks guys  Wink
Posted by Derek (Derek), 20 August 2003

I wouldn't recommend using a brass bristle brush on a carpet as it is more than likely going to cause further damage to the carpet. It may not matter so much if it is your own carpet but if it was a customer's carpet then you could end up replacing the damaged item.

The golden rule is 'don't rub or scrub'

Spot removing chemicals that claim to remove everything... I would love to try this.
Most that make this claim contain some form of  oxidising bleach, which could possibly take colour from a carpet or fabric, this in turn could end up as a claim against the technician.

Always test 'all' chemicals that you intend to use in an inconspicous area before using on the main body of the carpet / fabric.


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