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Domestic/Commercial, What to charge.

Posted by jags28 (jags28), 10 August 2003
Hi Everyone,
can anyone advise me how i go about , working out what to charge customer for Domestic & ironing services.
and also commercial cleaning services and if i decide to go with commercial cleaning could anyone explain to me how i go about, getting the cleaning contracts, putting in the quotes, ect ect.
Also what tools would i need for either domestic cleaning or commercial cleaning.
i would be most grateful for any help/advice, Thankyou.
Posted by petina (petina), 14 August 2003
Check out on Yell.Com who else in your local area is offering a similar services, in particular the domestic side of things and then ring them up! Pretent to be anyone but a competitor and ask them what they offer and for how much. You'll be surprised at what people are prepared to pay fro some help at home - often when they stay in themsleves and watch you clean! Lazt **??**s, but let's face it, if they're prepared to pay, look after them and they'll love you for it! Hope this helps.
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 23 October 2003
Hi, Grin
OK first read forum and you will find many answers really fast.

Pricing really depend on area you in.
Iím in London SW so price as fallows:
* domestic cleaning , ironing etc 7-9£ per h/ minimum 3H
* commercial per job

Big cleans ( one off) per job as well ( 1 bed flat furnished light clean 115£- light means only out side )

Hope this helps
AtoZ Clean Grin

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