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Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 14 February 2004
Although not a cc question, but it must affect us all how many of you have some type of Internet security on your computers and dose it give you total security?

I use a firewall and popup stopper both separate software packages, plus the obligatory anti virus software. A friend recommended a spy wear programme to me, after I downloaded it, it showed that I have a 1 problem in the registry and 6 in the cookies, I thought I was safe WRONG! This was a test version. Then I downloaded a different program it showed the same all gone now, itís like big brother!

Can you recommend the one you use that gives total security?

Some are as a bundle like Norton and some are individually. I do prefer the individual software packages, like most of us cc you donít stick to one manufacture for all your cleaning agents.


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 14 February 2004
One thing i would recommend is using the windows update site by microsoft , they add a lot of security related patches for your operating system.
Posted by Col_in_Oz (Col_in_Oz), 14 February 2004
I use "ad aware"
In cojunction with "Spy-Bot Search & destroy"
Used together, they seem to take care of most "popup" & "spyware" problems.
Be sure to download updates before every use.
Mailwasher is also a great program
You can vet your emails before you download them to your computer, then delete them from the server or bounce them back to sender.
Hope this helps.
Posted by amberview (amberview), 15 February 2004
Great idea for a post Len.

I have a fire wall, plus all the usual Norton software, but I have just downloaded the Spybot software recommended by Col_in_Oz.

I absolutely stunned at what the Spybot software just has found on my PC, and in around only a couple of minutes.

If it continues to operate as it just has done, I think I would also happily recommend it to anyone.

Kind Regards


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