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window cleaners in hackney,walthamstow

Posted by colleen (slim), 19 January 2004
Hi i am new to this site and i am thinking about starting up my window cleaning business is any window cleaners in the hackney walthstow areas. This seems like a very good business to be in and a very open market i will be starting from scratch so i would like to know if there are any other cleaners in these areas. i worked out if i charge 7 a house build myself up about 100 houses aweek i could earn about 2600 amonth is a ressonable i know this will take time and effort but i am more than willing to give it a good try.what will i need to get started? thankyou for any advice you can give. Shocked Wink Smiley Smiley
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 19 January 2004
Hi Slim
               If you work your way through the other posts in the window cleaning section you will find loads of information that you require.

Good luck in your new venture Wink

Posted by andy (andy), 24 January 2004

Hackney is very good at the moment, as most window cleaners are shit scared of working around there. Its up to you weather you want to wok it though.  You would be able to charge alot more then 7 per house there as there is a big demand for window cleaners in that area.

and Walthstow is a bit dry for work at the moment as i had a few lads knocking the area and they found out there is old boys have been working the area for at least 25 years.

Try and find them and offer them a price they cant refuse, there old boy,s and there thinking of there future what they have left off.

Where are of london do you live in?

OHH! by the way, i think you should use a vechile if doing hackney as its a bit safer with your gear and things. other areas you can just buy 4 part fold up ladders and take it on the tube with you.

Oh and also, if you can high level in the future try knocking chelsea area, you can make a mint or 2.

One bit of advice, use your common sense to get the customers, put your self in there shoes, (trust worthy) But if you work on the outer areas such like upminster and hornchurch areas there a bot more easyer open to srangers.

GOOD LUCK BUDDY! Hope this helps.


(uk takeover)
Posted by colleen (slim), 24 January 2004
Thanks andy will give it ago i have'nt seen any windows cleaners around here. by the way i live in hackney so i know how care full i have to be. thankyou for your advice.
Posted by heritage (heritage lee), 25 January 2004
i did the door at a pub in hackney not nice  
Posted by andy (andy), 25 January 2004
and thats why there is business because no one is prepared to do the business in the area.  May be if you take some big boys with you to work with, you will be alot more safer.

Posted by colleen (slim), 25 January 2004
i'm a quite a big lad myself so i can take care of myself. i have lived in hackney all my life so i know what the area is like, i'm just trying to sort myself out a van then i would be on my way .
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 25 January 2004
Winkthis brings back memories ShockedIwas born in hackney Smiley
the mothers hospital in mares street,I lived in hoxton for quite a while,some 20 years,our work is in the westend and around M25,you guys must use cesars the window cleaning supplies in hackney road!hackney is my old haunt!

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