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Ladder stand-off W/wheels or WO/wheels

Posted by Craguss (Craguss), 12 March 2004
I'm looking at buying a ladder stand-off.
There is this one from ScrimCity "Stand Off Vee-Notched - Wheeled" and theres one without the wheels

With Wheels = £40
Without Wheels = £20

Which would you recommend buyingHuh
Posted by allseasons (allseasons), 12 March 2004
If your wanting to use it for window cleaning then I think the with out wheels is what you need, personally I think that itís safer. As the stand off would have more contact with the wall.  

I never did like using a stand-off for cleaning windows I found that I was always to far away from the window and had to stretch more than normal.

Did any one else find this?

Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 12 March 2004
I once used a standoff for high windows - nearly pood myself I felt I was floating of the wall - Mind you Ive got used to it now - Dont use it for windows - too much clat - but fantastic for guttuer clearing - it lifts you out from under the eves and you can hang the bucket on the paint pot hook along with a u shaped scraper on a pole and you can clear about 20ft in one ladder drop

David Salkeld
Posted by simonb (simonb), 13 March 2004
Where did u get the u shaped scraper?
Posted by allseasons (allseasons), 13 March 2004
I use a old 10" t-bar found it alot better

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