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Ladders for domestic  cleaning

Posted by Anna_Pollard (Anna_Pollard), 17 February 2004
Hi everyone!

Just wondered if anyone knew the rules on step ladders used in domestic house cleaning i.e are they allowed, do they cost more to insure, will companies insure for them on general public and empolyers liability?

I think I have read something about the in and outs of step ladders - so avoided them so far - but as you know on one off spring cleans - they are a necessity!

Any advice, gratefully appreciated! Smiley


Posted by jake (jake), 19 February 2004

I think the reason no one has replied to your query is that the use of steps is not considered as much of an issue. They are as you say, a neccesity, but not governed, as far as I know by any regulations such as ones that apply to extension ladders. The usual Health & Safety practices and a bit of common sense should be ok, oh and a suitable Public Liability Insurance Policy!

Hope this is of help,   Jake (Westclean)
Posted by goodhand (goodhand), 21 February 2004
i thought that "DIY" ladders intended for home use were not covered by insurance should anyone fall off.

in a "Youngman's" brochure i have it has three grades of ladders. "DIY", "Light commercial" (supermarkets)
and "Industrial" (Builders ect)

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