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Working with competitors?

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 22 September 2003
competitors, those nasty horrible people who think the can tout for work within 10 miles of where you live, what tricks do you have for driving them out off bussiness

only kidding Grin Grin

how many of you are friendly with other carpet cleaners in your area.

Like, calling round for cups of tea, going out for a curry & pint, even just waving as you drive past each other.

Last week i did 280 of work passed on to me by other carpet cleaners, it really pays off to be friendly to your so called competitors.

You can pass on work when busy, borrow machines even start a price-fixing cartel to earn more money ( if I ever get a price-shopper from the yellow pages I alway sugest they call my mates for a second price knowing they will qoute the same price as me Grin).

It pays to be nice to the enemy


Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 22 September 2003
Hi Mike,
         I have got a mate around the corner who does house cleaning for letting agents etc. I do the window cleaning if he is asked to clean the windows and i have also done carpet cleaning with him when he has had a big job Cheesy  I try and recommend him where i can and it all seems to work great. Grin

Steve Lowe
Posted by woodman (woodman), 25 September 2003
Hi Mike,

my word your a friendly bunch up there,down south they'll try and pinch your customers and let the tyres down on your van early in morning to stop you working if they could. Grin

I gave one guy a whole list of jobs as he had no work and on following up was informed by MY customers that he'd told them I was packing in and had left his card to call them in future,needless to say he is now an struggling 'bob a job' carpet cleaner.
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 25 September 2003
Hello Woodman,

Who are you and where are you based in the South? The profile of your clients (in another post) sounds similiar to mine. I do promise not to let your tyres down Wink.

Posted by DR_WYNDAZ (DR_WYNDAZ), 25 September 2003
as a window cleaner who does carpets on the side i have never had any trouble with competitors nor they with me. its called a society. they take the jobs they get offered and i take mine. but if anyone takes mine I'LL NICK YA VAC AND YA SHAMPOO! Grin

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