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Normal Floor Wand or Brush scrubber?

Posted by harvey (harvey), 30 October 2003
What is the general opinion withe regards to normal water exraction Floor wands or Floor wand scrubber systems?  
Which is the best for normal residential/office/Pub cleaning, are the scrubbers systems much quicker and less hard phisical work for the operator?
I'm just starting up soon and wondered what you all thought was the easiest most efficient cleaning system, i suppose i'm thinking of my back after a few hours cleaning!!!!

Any opinions thanks!
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 31 October 2003

I use an extracta scrubba 13" power wand and its great.

Pubs, Residential everything except low profile office carpets as there it tends to jump about a lot and doesnt extract off the carpet.

Pre Spray, agitate etc. then set up the scrubba, one pass job done and that includes heavily soiled restaurant carpets as well.

I find the carpets are a lot dryer also.

If I have a lounge diner or a large lounge to do in a house i will use it. If it is a small loung with a fair bit of furniture i use the wand.


Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 31 October 2003
I agree with Mark I also use the scrubba delux it's excellent to be honest I have never used the wand since i purchased my excel.The only drawback with the srcubba is that it is quite heavy to lug about but other than that highly recommended.
Posted by harvey (harvey), 31 October 2003
Thanks Mark and Steve,
Thats what i hoped you would all say.  For an average lounge / diner approx how much time does it save?


Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 31 October 2003

I would firmly maintain the a skillfully used smooth wand will produce a better overall result than a power wand, due to the greater control afforded to the opperator.

It should also be remembered that these devices are not woolsafe approved for most types of wool carpet.

This said, they can reduce opperator fatigue when faced with acres of carpet to clean.

I respect your right to choose but definately NOT for me.

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 1 November 2003

I wouldnt say that it saves time as such but you have a much deeper and more thorough clean.

And its a lot easier on your back and drier too.

With ref to not being woolsafe approved. The powerwand is moving across the carpet and with the extracta model it is a "paddle effect" and is not "scrubbing" the carpet so to speak but just agtitating them

I would imagine those who use a rotary with a shampoo brush for agitating pre spray are exacting more force and pressure to the carpet especially with the aggressive scrubbing and swirling action.

The only thing you have to remember is when the power wand isnt moving across the carpet tilt it back so its not constantly "scrubbing" at one point. I have done this on occasion and yes thats the only way i can see you can damage the carpet.

The extracta model is as i am aware the only scrubbing power wand that uses the back and forth paddle motion. The others I think use counter rotating brushes. Apart from obviuosly the rotavac which use jet extraction.




Posted by Glynn (Glynn), 1 November 2003
Yes they are Mark.
The old Ashcombe model also had the vibrating (paddle) action as well, but it seems that extracta's model is the preffered option all round.



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