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Light shampoo cleaning won't do

Posted by MartinJH (MartinJH), 7 October 2003
Well ok, I was being optimistic with the shampoo thing, but using just a simple carpet cleaner and some good solution (not the stuff that comes with the machine) I have managed to take out much of the black that was there before.

However, I believe clean carpets are something of a novelty to my generation.  I'm not sure that every one has ever thought about having their carpet cleaned, and if they have, weather they know of the benefits.

Since buying my new machine, I now know more about the carpets I walk on.  And cleaning a carpet is just as changeling as rewiring a three-phase building up to a backup generator.

As I have said, a light shampoo clean won't do.  I need a machine with more suck and chemicals that would make the local fish tank quiver.

But these, for the start-up are expensive.  And many of the chemicals used will need some kind of insurance too.

A truck-mount looks good, something like the Legend SE.  I can just imagine the neighbors peeking out to see what the racket is all about.

Ok, too much future pacing, so now into the nitty gritty.  Who is the best supplier of chemicals in the London area? and is the prochem course as good as it says it is on the website?

Posted by limelite (limelite), 7 October 2003
HI pro chem is a good base to lern about how to deal with the minnor problems that one gets when you start to cleamcarpets there coarse is one of the best and should provide you with the knowledge that you require.
Have you considered bonnet buffing as a much quicker way to claen carpet and try useing some stripper on those black marks that yuo are getting on the carpet it could be bleed back from the backing of the carpet (is the carpet a tile)this seems to be the possable cause. Hope that this helps you  Smiley

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