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Posted by endresult (endresult), 3 February 2004
Can anyone help me, I cleaned a suite last week, terracotta loose covers 100% cotton, first time cleaned. Today customer phoned complaining that the suite was "blotchy" I went to see the offending article to find what looked like dark brown to black stains, almost everywhere except on the seat cushions. I was told that the suite had been stainguarded when new, could this have caused the problemHuh?. If anyone has come across this or can throw any light on it will you please let me know ASAP, please.....
Thanks in advance
Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 3 February 2004
  What chemicals did you use and was the item dry when you left the premises.


Posted by endresult (endresult), 3 February 2004
Hi Rob
I used super chem c2 from extracta same stuff I have used on dozens of other suites without a problem.Customer needed to go out so I couldn`t dry the suite properly although I did have the turbo on it while I was there.
Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 3 February 2004
   In my opinion, the dyes used to fill out the main frame have wicked to the suface, due to high ph and moisture.
      To rectify this i would use a water based solvent and extract to remove the dye. Then I would use an acid rince to neutralise the fabric, then rapidly dry it to prevent wicking to the surface.
      This is only my opinion would need confirming by a senior member

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 3 February 2004
How come it took so long for her to call you?

I think the same as rob,something has wicked through the fabric from the backing, if this is so its not your fault ( unless you left it wet for 2 days Shocked) is C2 meant for cleaning upholstery?.

just noticed you say they are loose covers take them off and look to see if this staining is on the carcuss.

sorry can't be more help

Posted by endresult (endresult), 3 February 2004
Rob thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
Mike the chemical is for upholstery, I've used it loads of times with no problems at all. There is no staining on the carcase. As I cleaned the suite on Thursday I also found it strange that she left it so long to contact me.
I have taken a cushion cover off and washed it in the washing machine as per instruction label and notice that some of the pattern is darker than others, I am now thinking this is a fault with the fabric itself. Would you have any idea how to handle the situation from here?. I will be most gratefull of any help at all.
Thanks again
Posted by SMP (SMP), 3 February 2004
Some of the pattern is darker than other areaS??  Was this a plain terracotta or was it a couple of different colours woven together.  What colour is the rear face of the fabric?

If there is a darker colour on the rear this may have bled through- although I haven't come across loose colours with sort of weave.

If there are more than one colour in the weave did you do a dye bleed test?  Only two weeks ago I walked away from a job (nice little earner - not 500 yards away from home) because I found loose dye with everything I tried - even acid rinse.

Just some extra thoughts to be going on with.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 4 February 2004
Hi Davey

Trying to give a diagnosis without actually 'seeing' the problem is going to be pure guesswork.

The protection shouldn't be the cause of the problem unless it was applied in a correspondingly blotchy fashion.... it has been known.
This would then allow differing amounts of cleaning solution to get to the fibres... its just an idea.

It may well be the dyes that are causing the problem linked with uneven drying.


Posted by endresult (endresult), 4 February 2004
Many thanks to all who replied.The cushion cover that I washed in the washing machine dried perfectly. I have been back to the suite tonight and I am convinced that it was a reaction to the cheap foam used.I informed the customer that the best brains in carpet cleaning came to the conclusion that the problem was caused by wicking. I am convinced she was angling after a new suite but after a great deal of discussion she agreed to me refunding her money and washing the covers herself.
Thanks guys you have saved me from a 2000 insurance claim.......
Posted by lee_gundry (lee_gundry), 4 February 2004
lady luck is with YOU.


i would do the lottery this week,"what" with the luck you have.

Lee G
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 4 February 2004
I'll send you 50p and go half with you.

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