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“Robocadabra” - The Ultimate Stain Removal Machine

Posted by Neil_Gott (Neil Gott), 1 April 2004

After five long years of research, enormous quantities of midnight oil, and many failed experiments, I am now – with the help of my esteemed Guru, a local technical genius – able to launch Robocadabra, a ground - breaking robotic stain remover.

The machine, battery powered and therefore eminently portable, is box shaped approximately 45cm cubed with one side unenclosed. It contains phials of reducing bleach, rinsing agent, and coloured dyes (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) controlled by a mini scanner, a specially designed tiny ink jet printer, and a miniature wet extraction vacuum motor, all fitted snugly into the machine casing. The system was inspired  by the technique of digital photograph computer image editing which enables (among many other useful features) the operator to change the colour of a selected area of the image to match the colour of another part of the image by using what is known as a “clone stamp tool”.

The machine is placed over the stain and its surrounding area, open side down. The flick of a switch launches it into automatic action, thus:-

STAGE ONE. The scanner identifies the shape of the stain and creates an image of it in its memory. Through the ink jet printer the bleach is sprayed precisely onto the stain and no further. The carpet stain area quickly becomes virtually colourless.

STAGE TWO. With the ink jet printer as a rinse sprayer and the wet vac for recovery, the area is rendered residue free and pH neutral.

STAGE THREE. The scanner records the exact colour and texture of the area immediately surrounding the bleached section, and translates its findings to the printer which then sprays the precisely mixed inks onto the bleached section and no further, thus creating a seamless repair.

For precision it is important not to move the Robocadabra during the above process. For plain carpets, the whole process is automatic. For patterned carpets, some manual intervention is required.

Patents have been applied for.

For further information please post your name below.

Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 1 April 2004
April fool to you ! Wink  Grin
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (HolmansUKLTD), 1 April 2004
April Fool if ever i heard one!!

Posted by Ian_Hare (Ian Hare), 1 April 2004
Just bought one of these machines and modified it a little. It now goes out and quotes for jobs too.
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 1 April 2004
I had one too, copied it and sent it back under 30 Money Back Guarantee.
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 1 April 2004
What a wonderful, imaginative mind you have Neil. It's original, Best of British vision like this that has helped to make our country great. Just sell your idea to the Japanese and they'll develop it for you.

Have you approached that Cleanbiker chappie (remember him from last year?) I'm sure he would be interested in having it on his Bike Mount.

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 1 April 2004
Is the clean biker still on the go? Grin Grin Tongue
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 1 April 2004
Definitely a 'legend in leather'

Posted by Neil_Gott (Neil Gott), 1 April 2004
It was Ken's Bikemount invention last year that inspired me to make my contribution to technical advances in our industry. What a good idea to combine the two and sell the rights to the Japanese.

I am sure that Ken is a much better salesman than me and could get a deal, especially as the Japanese are unlikeky to be aware of April 1st as we know it.

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