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Calling admin . . . Calling admin . . . Calling ad

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 28 January 2004
Hi Admin,

A few questions if I may.

Can you give us a list of what's classed as naughty words? One poster mentioned d i c k y birds and it got changed to thingy. I recently tried to put in s p o o n s but it came out as thingy as well. Now, d i c k y might be taken the wrong way, but s p o o n s ??

Plus, is there a guide as to what qualifies you to gain these stars? I've now got three of them and a full member, it says at the side - Ooh er Missus. Is it posts or length of time posting, do we need to cross your palm with a bottle of voddie for the coloured ones?

Also, while I'm on - what are sticky topics, locked topics, and however do you get a sticky locked topic?


Curious from Edinburgh
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 29 January 2004
Hi Wavie
There is a whole list of words that are set up by default within the programme that runs this board which automatically get replaced by 'thingy'. Becuase the programme is developed predominently in the USA there are obviously some terms they consider more offensive than we do. We'll try to get someone to have a look at these preset words and change them accordingly.

The member status is purely based on the number of postings with the ultimate accolade being 'Cleanitup God' when you get to 250. All backhanders are purely voluntary Wink

Sticky topics are creatd by moderators and appear at the top of a section regardless of how old the last posting is. Locked topics are those where no more replies can be added. Sticky ones are generally the ones that we feel are of most interest to most members and, as such, would probably not be locked.

Hope that helps.

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
Hope that helps.

It certainly does Sir - thanks very much.

The mist clears . . .  I'd sussed out that subjects appeared by date of their last reply, but couldn't figure out how some topics were always closer to the top than some with earlier replies.

So, a sticky topic isn't confectionery that's been left on the dashboard then?  I'll get my coat - Bye

Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 29 January 2004
The mind still boggles as to how rude or offensive the word  s p o o n s  is in the usa Huh
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
Maybe it had poo in it
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
poo is ok but spoon isn't !!
Posted by Neil (wylie), 29 January 2004
I tried to write a word the other day which came out as bitching
can you guess what it was Huh
Its not as rude as you might think lol Grin

Answers on a postcard please
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
p o o n  is poon
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
pregnant doging  = b i t c h ?
Posted by Neil (wylie), 29 January 2004
hey you got that quick! can I asume you have tried to use it?
Shame on you! lol Grin
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
I do the occasional crossword.

Still bemused at p o o n though - C'mon admin give us a few tasters of USA naughties

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