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Re: Tender - Clean 24 Trucks Per week - West Londo

Posted by cleaning (cleaning), 21 January 2004
Pressure washing without water a, theres a novel idea.
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 21 January 2004
I cant remember saying anything about being Waterless!
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 21 January 2004
Come join us & make money from Waterless Cleaning.
Grin Grin Grin Grin Cheesy Cheesy
Posted by Iain_Thomas (DT CLEANING), 21 January 2004
We have experience of commercial vehicle cleaning and would like to know more.Could you tell me where the vehicles are sited ?
Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 21 January 2004
sorry m8 to far for me anything in kent then give us a shout
Posted by petra (petra), 21 January 2004
Why do we always give waterless stick, this time I must agree with him
'I have been asked to tender for cleaning 24 curtain side lorries every weekend.

They are to be pressure washed chassis, sides and cab. An initial polish on the cabs with CrystalCar for low maintenance washing and every 6 weeks. '
He does not mention that it waterless, learn to read CLEANING

Posted by DP (DP), 21 January 2004
Petra, I have absolutely NO IDEA

and that soap tastes really horrible  “yuk”  Tongue

Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 22 January 2004
Thanks Petra

We have had some serious enquiries.

Posted by kevin (kevin), 30 January 2004

If you are doing 17 half ton curtin side lorrys then the cost  you should be looking at is £10 per lorry
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 2 February 2004
All that work for £10.00 are you joking?
Posted by Les (Les), 2 February 2004
What's this 'Crystalcar' product you talk of oh wise one Huh
Best regards from oh dim one Grin
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean Waterless), 2 February 2004
Hi Les.

CrystalCar is our main Waterless Valet product, you can find further information at

Posted by Les (Les), 2 February 2004
Thanks Gary, I'll take a look and see if it's something I can use. Wink
Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 8 February 2004
Hi guys
Don`t forget that there are other waterless cleaning products on the market These people are the manufactures of the Toughseal range or paint protection resins. if you give them a call they with advise you of the product range that is available to trade only outlets, and because they are the source they are much cheaper.

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