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Unger OptiLoc Pole

Posted by matt (matt), 24 March 2004
Ive just been looking around and it seems the Unger OptiLoc Pole will only go up to 27 ft

thats the 3 section 300cm / 27 ft

i thought they came with more sections, five i thought ?? ?? ??

Today we cleaned a house of fascia and soffits, (they have asked us a fair few times and 2 others want it done aswell in the same street,  no probs i thought, so took a 10 ft poles, and a 8 ft Van cleaning pole/brush, its a hoselock and the water runs up the middle, i gaffa taped them together and it was great on the porch etc, then we tried to clean the Barge board (the bit that runs up to the appex of the roof, so of course 3 storeys high) i was on my double set of ladders, full stretch and using this pole set up

we have 2 others to do, so i thought i would get a unger pole

any advice

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 24 March 2004
It does go up to 5 sections, but personally I would not recommend it.  It boings around so much you feel like a circus performer.  Get a fibre glass pole, theyre not much more expensive and are MUCH easier to use - especially the quick-release mechanisms.

was on my double set of ladders, full stretch and using this pole set up

Done that.  No more thank you!  Now have a 30ft fibre glass pole.

Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 24 March 2004

Ionic supply a residential range of poles made of Glass fibre, they represent good value for money and range from 4ft to 40ft

12ft residential wfp @ 49.95 + vat
18ft residential wfp @ 79.95 + vat
30ft residentail wfp @ 154.95 + vat
40ft residential wfp @ 189.95 + vat

For further details on poles and The Reach & Wash System, please request a catalogue on 01249 890 990 or by e-mail at



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