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Sofas, Sofas every where

Posted by woodman (woodman), 19 February 2004
What is it with this time of year Roll Eyes

I have to date 22 sofa and suite cleans booked in so far.

From the last week of Feb to the end of March (but not the 31st Wink)

I hate cleaning furniture Angry
Posted by carpetmonsters (carpetmonsters), 19 February 2004

i have a person cleaning? suites in my area for 45.00 so i will not be cleaning maney

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 19 February 2004
Hey Steve

I can beat that....suite cleans being offered in Leicester for 20.00

And I have still managed to clean more furniture than carpets this month.

A customer informed me today that there has been an article in one of the National newspapers about the total number of accidents that has risen alarmingly since wood floors became the fashion item...

so do we all sue Laurence Llewellan-Bowen then?

'It's an ill wind' they say  Wink Grin Grin Grin

Posted by woodman (woodman), 19 February 2004
Hi steve

what are you charging?

Think of it this way, he's welcome to the 45 customers
their cheap customers anyway who will dump him the minute he tries to raise his price by a fiver.

After all I would rather have 5 customers paying 145.00
than ten paying 45.00.
Posted by chris_rushton (Chris_R), 19 February 2004
In the local paper in my area (Stoke-On-Trent) we have SIX carpet cleaning companys who advertise a suite AND Carpet for 20. Most of these companys have been in business for 5 years or more!
I charge 85 for a suite, (most expensive in this area is 95- including franchise operators), I have never cleaned so many suites in all of my 15 years trading!
A lot of leather ones coming through also.
Posted by woodman (woodman), 19 February 2004
Excellent news Chris Wink

And makes our point wonderfully

Low price does not = good value

If someone has paid 3000 for leather suite they won't want Happy Harry's Cleaning Service from down the road cleaning it for 40.00.
They will EXPECT to pay good money for a quality service.

(all happy harry's on here this is not aimed at you Grin)

Posted by endresult (endresult), 19 February 2004
Hi Woodman,
I am also getting a lot of suites at the moment, just as well as I'm getting nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Les (Les), 19 February 2004
These Furniture cleans are obviously catching on as I'm the same at the moment. I also agree with Woodman that I don't enjoy doing them. Cry
had to larf today. Grin Whilst cleaning 2 x 2 seater sofas I had the husband,(Day off) wife, (expecting baby any day) and their 18 month old son who keeps calling my carpet machine "Naughty NOO NOO" Shocked (something to do with the 'Teletubbies' all sitting in the living room watching me from start to finish. Oh what bliss  Sad

Now going to advertise as Childrens Party Entertainer on ebay Grin Wink

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