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Research help please - dirt repellant on glass

Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 19 December 2003
Hi all
I been approached by a US company to manufacture a Nano tech rain and dirt repellant for use on the cleaning of glass on high rise office blocks. My question is do any window cleaning companies use this type of technology already in the UK.

Posted by john_archer (john_archer), 19 December 2003
Yes its called a window cleaning company,get real son,question please can you advise me on how to put you out of business.
Posted by DP (DP), 20 December 2003
There are already some very impressive products out there,  with a tremendous amount of  research already invested and not just limited to glass with a number of manufacturers in the states as well.

I have just met with a company last week who are launching a 2,500 sq metre factory to the production of a number of products which will include this.

Curious why a US company would ask a UK company to develop/manufacture, especially when there is already a number around.

I guess I might be naive on this subject

Hope they will give you a large contract as you might find a lot of established competition.

One that springs to mind (although not the company that I met with) is Clearvision at:  there is a vid on there somewhere, its impresive especially with Prince Charles doing the demo.
Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 20 December 2003
I think you have the wrong end of the stick. This company have put it to me that the ease of the cleaning will be off great financial benefit to them.

Q. Why would anybody wan`t to put a company out of business......maybe its a product you could make money out of but you may be new to business and not worked that one out yet.

As for the asking a UK based company to supply the chemical... who knows, maybe it cheaper.
Posted by john_archer (john_archer), 20 December 2003
A rain and dirt repellant does what it says on the tin,thus reducing the frequency of cleaning the windows
which in turn eats into the window cleaners turnover taken to the extreme eventually putting them out of business or have'nt you worked that one out friend.
Posted by DP (DP), 21 December 2003
Its difficult to imagine why any company would spend money on a product with no benefit to them except to make the window cleaners job easier and no savings on cleaning costs.

I think I might be with John on this one.

However if this type of thing is imminent then I guess  window cleaners could do a lot worse then to sell the service to make up the shortfall in turnover, although I would think we are a long way from that just at the mo.

One thing is for sure, until the costs of this type of product comes down, its not likely to effect the market in any dynamic way, so I would 'nt loose too much sleep over it just yet.   Grin
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 21 December 2003
Where I used to live, the council built a new civic centre with "self-cleaning glass" (try not to laugh)

because of this, it was a very unusual shape, with glass roofs everywhere.  (well, since the glass is self cleaning, access is not going to be needed, right?)

A year later, the glass was so dirty it might as well have been made of wood.  And of course no one could clean it because access was a major problem.

The conclusion is, if glass gets treatment that will help to clean it, this will only ever reduce the frequency needed, not eliminate cleaning altogether.  

And if these treatments become widespread, its no good us window cleaners moaning about it, we have to adapt to that.  Companies will use it if it saves them money regardless of what any window cleaners think.  That's business.

It may likely mean less frequent contracts, but new buildings are being put up all the time, so I doubt there's likely to be a shortage of work in the near future!

But lets work with progress, not against it!

Posted by Fox (Fox), 21 December 2003
I do alot of local authority cleaning work, eg: high rise flats etc.  Our local council refuses to employ any window cleaner because of insurance (even if they are fully insured themselves).
They won't even let me sub contract (which is a norm for me anyway, using bonafied companies) so I can imagine in the future they would look at this type of product.
At present the windows are s**t and our cleaners are expected every now and again to 'have a go at the inside' (talking about communal areas here guys).
We are not geared up for this, hence making the job a bl**dy big one when they come to their senses!

Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Wishy-Washy Windows), 18 January 2004
Hi Stuart,

I was interested in your Nonatechnology question, I am a window cleaner here in Spain and intend to use the product myself to some glass that is subject to regular water from a garden sprinkler system, ( to protect the glass from staining again) you may also want to check out

I also install window films, now if you were to add a UV filter to the product that stopped 90% or more UV then you could be onto something.  I would be interested in that.


Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 19 January 2004
Hi Guys

Nano technology has been primarily been designed for glass that is awkward to access. It certainly won't put a stop to window cleaning. Its also great on car windscreens

Best regards Nick
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 19 January 2004
Hi Mike, that link doesn't work!

Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 22 January 2004
Hi Mike
Sorry for the delay but I have only just returned from the US on business. I can get samples of our Acrylic paintprotection kits out to you shortly, and also samples of our window treatments. When you get the kit you will find a product that we call Dry-Wash you can use this also on glass, tiles, paint and stainless, this product is not related to any other product on the market and is manufactured at our Holland factory.
Dont forget to email your postal address.
Posted by petra (petra), 22 January 2004
Have visited the sites and read loads , yes slashguard  sounds good but where is the garuntee.
Is it any good for Jet Bikes and what about sea gull poo,
Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 26 January 2004
Hi Petra
The guarantee comes within the kit and is underwritten by the Splashgroup company via a network of fitters around the UK.


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