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Van Problems

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 23 January 2004

Although not a CC question/answer but this may be beneficial who have vehicles with engine management systems (computer)

Earlier this week the engine on my van started to lose power this only happened when I turned on the lights (van just coming up too 3 years old, didnít give 3 year warranty they do now)

Having done all the checks battery and alternator, booked it into local dealer for computer diagnostic, thinking they will find the problem, no problem showed up, lucky for me I was allowed to watch and run though the symptoms again, an apprentice remarked that it some thing to do with the braking electronics.  Ooo god how much is that going cost me! Two new brake bulbs or brake light switch the apprentice remarked.  It was only two bulbs, it appears that part of electronics sends a signal to the engine to cut power as you are braking even though your not.

Ok it cost me £35 for the check up I can live with that so I thought the forum might benefit from my experience


Posted by Ray (Ray), 23 January 2004

If I have read your post correctly the engine looses powers when the brakes are applied. When the brakes are appied the  fuel supply is cut this is to aid economy and cut emissions. If the brakes switch goes faulty or the bulbs blow this sends a dodgy signal to the ecu.

Give us back points and a carb much easier.

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 23 January 2004
Hi Ray

It only lost power when the side/head lights are turn on, it didnít not lose power in daylight thatís what confounded me, as I do some times use my brakes.

Gone are the days of a mechanic, points & carbs, unless you are very old like me 40 who are in too classics no problem no computer systems running them.


Posted by Appleton_Cleaning (Bill Appleton), 24 January 2004
Run a Bedford Rascal - no problem costs more than 50p. Grin Grin
Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 8 February 2004
I have a Renault Kangoo. It is undoubtedly the slowest, most badly designed, faulty vehicle I've ever owned. My mate drives taxis, and says all the drivers in his company all have problems with Renaults. Stay clear of a Renault. Would love my high mileage old Vauxhall Combo back any day of the week.
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 8 February 2004
I got a Vauxhall Arena / Renault Traffic bloody fantastic no problems apart from where that fatherless guy in the Volvo hit the nearside front wing 10 days ago and took it off the road.
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 8 February 2004
Got new Vauxhall Combo van and it is the mutts nuts Grin
Drives like a car and has six speaker CD system Cool
Too many electronic things to go wrong though......have to change at 3 years old. Used to run Citroen C15 and the thing was practically clockwork......never stopped, no matter what was wrong. Roll Eyes

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