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Hard floor cleaning

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 25 February 2004
I need some help guys, I've been asked to quote a price on cleaning a shop floor. The floor is white marble effect tiles and plastic wood effect type strips down the middle, I was thinking about using the Ashbys floor tool with V2 steam mate! The floors not been cleaned for 4 years, however, it's not to bad just dirty under the corners.

Any advice is welcome

Posted by Eric (Eric), 25 February 2004
Hi Alex

I would use a rotary with either a polypropane scrubbing brush or 15 green pad and wet pick up. Is the finish to be left plain or polished?


Posted by Special_Clean_Team (Special_Clean_Team), 26 February 2004
Yes i would ask you the same question actually is it to be left polished i do a lot of hard flooring in schools i would spray clean it with a rotary machine and a green pad, finishing off with a red or buff pad giving it a shine.

If a floor is quite dirty i would do the same as Eric then just finish off with the red or buff which gives a shine you'd really need to find out how the finish is to be left.
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 27 February 2004
cheers guys

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