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advice about george!!

Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 21 February 2004
please could somebody tell me what are the pro's and con's if any of  GEORGEHuh . i'm trying to justify buying it. i know that its not very much money but would like some feedback from current users    cheers mark..
Posted by sc (sc), 21 February 2004
you can download it for free to test it out for a couple of months.

it is worth 50quid.
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 22 February 2004
Excellent peice of software and well worth the money and excellent with pda no paper work outside and you can see evrything you need for your window cleaning business
Posted by allseasons (allseasons), 22 February 2004
buy it, what 50 to us pro window cleaners  Smiley
Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Mikey Y), 22 February 2004
Buy it, had mine over two years, could,nt do without it now, try it for free, and than make your mind up.
Posted by steve-mark (steve-mark), 23 February 2004
SmileyBut it mate, can't work without mine best money I spent computer wise! The support you get from the team is 2nd to none, I use mine with a palm, had a few probs getting palm to do it's stuff to start with, but sent Paul @ George a em and we had it going in no time.


Tone Clean Taunton Somerset. Smiley Smiley
Posted by brownie (brownie), 23 February 2004
dont mean to be nosy,but can u tell me what george is and what it does ?. and is there a web site ?

cheers brownie!
Posted by georgesystems (George Systems), 24 February 2004
Hi Brownie

George is a software package designed to help you run a small to medium sized Window Cleaning business.

It schedules your Jobs, monitors your Debts, produces invoices, statements, finance histories and forecasts - it even backs up your data for you.

It tells you more about your business that you will ever know from a paper based system.

It's designed on the basis that you are not a computer expert and attempts to make everything easy to use and understand.

It also has an optional palmtop extension called PocketGeorge which transfers your WorkList and Debts to a Palm pocket computer and allows you to update your records by clicking a few boxes onscreen. You can then update your PC Job and Debt records with a single keypress at the end of the day - which can save you a lot of time.

There is nothing else like it on the market - it brings genuine cutting edge technology to the working Window Cleaner at a remarkably low price.

Come along to our website and download the free fully working demo - use it free for up to 3 months.

Paul Sanders

Posted by Neil (wylie), 24 February 2004
I was a bit unsure about George at first but having used it for a couple of months I can honestly say it has been an excellent investment!!
The last thing you want to do after a "hard day at the office" is to come home and start updating you records.
With George its all done in a moment (providing your using a palm)
My advice is
If you havent got it, GET IT, you wont regret it.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson  [Silly Philly]), 24 February 2004
There is nothing else like it on the market - it brings genuine cutting edge technology to the working Window Cleaner at a remarkably low price.

This is not strictly true.  There are other software packages designed to manage scheduled cleaning tasks.  Roundpro is another that I have seen:

But with a price tag of 400-500 and 60 annual support contract, this is much more expensive.  Having not used or even seen a demo of this software, I can't comment on its suitability.

What makes George stand out is that it is designed just with window cleaners in mind, and it represents good value for money.

There is also unlimited support and upgrades once you have bought the product.

Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 24 February 2004
Buy it,.. IT's definatly worth it!!.

It was only today as i got out of the motor i found and old list behind the seat. I chuckled to myself thinking of how i have not got to sit there typing who's paid and who ain't in the pc. Just hot-sync the palm and it's done Grin

As for a palm for the pocket George, i won mine on E-Bay for 8.00!! (Palm M100) does the job to a "T".

So all in all it cost me 58.00 and saved hours of time.  Grin

Posted by paul (paul), 24 February 2004
buy it the software is great best 50 quid i ever spent wouldent be without it now makes it all so much easier Grin
Posted by georgesystems (George Systems), 24 February 2004
Hi Philip

You said: "This is not strictly true.  There are other software packages designed to manage scheduled cleaning tasks"

Very true but they don't have PocketGeorge - which is why it's unique.  Extending the PC onto a portable device is probably the future of computing - which is why George is "cutting edge technology".


Posted by pussycatz (HCS), 25 February 2004
I wouldn't be without my George lean mean grilling machine! Smiley
Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 25 February 2004
its so good i even put my name on it!!
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 25 February 2004
I used to thik of indow cleaning as 2 jobs ...the book/sheets being updated and the cleaning
George deals with the book problem all on his own with V E R Y L I T T L E help from me

If i owned the site i wou;d guantee money back if unhappy...i suppose this is why there is a free trial ..nothing to hide and you WILL buy
and the after care is second to none

i cannot put into words how good it is
so anyone with any doubts either walk away and carry on the old way
or move into the future with the ONLY way foward

the palm (pda) makes it special
an eg:

and if you want acheap one

or goto ebay and sort it out Tongue

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 February 2004
Dear George users,

I've now been convinced that I need to get George and PocketGeorge. So the next question is . . . What's the best Palm model to use with it?  Good points and bad points would be helpful. Not TOO many conflicting views please Wink

AND, possibly more important . . . Are there any models to stay away from?

Please take into account that I've never used a Palm before, and if I went to a store tomorrow I wouldn't know what features to ask for, and likewise wouldn't know if the salesperson was throwing some old tat at me just to clear their stockroom!

Thanks in advance,


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