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Removing urine smells from carpet

Posted by littlewren (littlewren), 23 August 2003

I am really hoping someone can help me as I'm desperate.

My dog unfortunately weed on my bedroom carpet big time several months ago now (she is a very large dog, therefore large amount) and I have been trying ever since to get rid of the horrible smell.  Of course, it's even worse in hot weather but even during colder weather it absolutely stinks.

It is so embarrassing and I have tried things already to try and get rid of the smell, such as sprinkling baking soda over liberally then hoovering up + cleaning carpet with copious amounts of soda water.  Nothing works and within a couple of days the smell is back as bad as ever.

Please, please could someone tell me how to git rid of the smell once and for all, apart from taking the carpet up, which I can't afford.

I look forward to your replies.

Many thanks

Posted by Tonyb (Tonyb), 23 August 2003
Tongue Call a local reputable carpet cleaner who will beable to offer professional assistance
Posted by littlewren (littlewren), 23 August 2003
Thanks for the reply but unfortunately that didn't help at all.  Obviously I would have called a professional carpet cleaner if I could have afforded it - which I can't - and this is why I was hoping for some tips on this site.

Posted by Derek (Derek), 24 August 2003
Hi Carrie

The original advice given was correct but I do appreciate that there is a cost involved perhaps more than you realise but then the urine problem is just the tip of the iceberg...literally.

The contaminated area on the surface of the pile is just part of the problem....when the urine is excreted by the dog/cat etc. it penetrates through to the backing, the underlay and possibly the sub-floor too.

The original acidic urine solution within hours goes through a chemical change to alkaline leaving salts within the carpet,backing and sub -floor.

Lift the carpet, remove and replace the underlay in the affected area (this will be significantly larger than the surface contamination). You will have then to deal with any contamination on the sub-floor.... solid floors can be chemically treated whilst wood flooring will have to have the contaminated areas sanded out if not too severe or if the contamination is really bad...change the floorboards.

The urine salt deposits do not really dry out and disappear they attract moisture from the atmosphere etc.. this reactivates the bacteria which causes the odour. You can determine the affected areas from the surface by using a moisture metre.... One of those cheap little gizmo's from a large D.I.Y store for detecting water leaks will do.... just stick the spikes into the carpet and it will zing off the scale months / years after the original contamination.

Just cleaning the surface of the carpet will not really solve the problem.

Sorry I can't be the bearer of better news

Posted by woodman (woodman), 24 August 2003
Embarassed Sorry but your going to have to bite the bullet on this one as has already been said, you will need to call in professionals.
By soaking the carpet in soda water etc you have made the situation worse which is why you have an ongoing problem.

The carpet will need cleaning first, to remove any soiling that is left , before uplifting the Underlay which will have to come out, the floor will have to be treated along with the back of the carpet, you will have to leave the floor exposed and carpet turned (not folded) back until dry before re-fitting fresh underlay and relaying the carpet.
If the carpet is not cleaned and treated first you will simply push the urine down into the new underlay and floor which has just been treated starting the cycle all over again.

Hope this is off some help.
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 27 August 2003
Hi Carrie.

I own the Waterless Car Cleaning Company and we have a range of specialised products for Valeting and one of them is for neutralising odours. This product doesn’t mask the smell with scents but kills the bacteria causing the smell.

If you are interested contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.


Posted by janebruce (janebruce), 19 September 2003

I am a Manager in the cleaning industry. As cost is your main problem, remove the underlay yes! just the affected area. wash the carpet with surgical spirit 'you can buy from the chemist' after removing the excretion. Do this a couple of times. This removes the smell so the dog can t smell this either, sometimes they do it in the same spot for other reasons and the fragrance from the spirit will evaporate...............

Posted by Derek (Derek), 19 September 2003


If the carpet is a tufted carpet, the surgical spirit 'wash' could delaminate the secondary backing and possibly the loosen tufts which are anchored with latex.


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